Apple sells 800,000 songs in first week with Euro iTunes Music Store

Apple today announced that music fans in the UK, France and Germany have purchased and downloaded more than 800,000 songs from the iTunes Music Store since its launch one week ago, with more than 450,000 sold in the UK alone. With Apple


  1. Way to go Apple. Now if we can just get ITMS up in the rest of the world. I still have some APPL stock but sold a bunch at 28 🙁 and am now kicking myself for not buying more. It is hard though because I am emotionally attached to the stock ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> and so tend to be more cautious.

  2. re: Mac_user

    ABIT LOW!!

    DO YOU REALISE THAT THE UK IS ABOUT 1/100th the size of USA??

    You could fit france, germany and the UK over 20 times in the USA!!

    I think its amazing considering!

  3. Abandon all hope ye who thinketh to beat iTMS lest thy fukceth thy future.

    There is only ONE WAY. The Carly Fiorina way: partnership.

    Any other way is a pursuit of fools’ gold — sink only money you are prepared to lose; preferably that of other fools.

  4. Perhaps you ought to check your facts. There are not ‘billions’ in the USA. As of now it is estimated that there are 293 million in the United States.

    Also as of 2002, there were 59.2 million in the UK.

    For reference there are just under 6.4 billion in the world.

    As for sizes, the UK is 2.5% of the size of the USA, and you could only put 8.4 of the combined land of Germany, France and the UK into the USA.

    Comparing the ratio of iTunes sales in the territory is left as an exercise for the reader.

  5. And don’t forget that when iTMS launched in the USA it sold only a million in its first week, so 800,000 is really positive, especially when you consider that brand awareness is nowhere near as high in Europe as in USA (eg no retail stores yet, although London coming).

  6. Now that the iTunes Music Store has dominated the legal music download market in Europe the competition can go back to criticising Apple for not supporting the WMA format in its iPod.

    I hope an Australian iTunes Music Store starts operating here soon.

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