BBC News profiles Steve Jobs

“When Steve Jobs founded the Apple computer company, he changed the face of computing. And this week his revolution in how we buy and listen to music expanded with the European launch of Apple’s online store, iTunes,” BBC News reports. “Steve Jobs was a precocious talent. In 1967, when he was 12, he telephoned Bill Hewlett, the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, at home, to ask for some electronic parts.”

“Hewlett offered him a summer job at his company, so setting him on the path to becoming an icon of the hi-tech industry himself. He made friends there with engineering whiz-kid Stephen Wozniak. After the pair dropped out of college, together they built the first home computer in Jobs’ garage. They called it Apple,” BBC News reports. “Within three years, thanks to the Apple II computer, their company was worth $139m. When Jobs took the very best designers and engineers and created, in 1984, the Macintosh – with its revolutionary windows system – a computer landmark was reached.”

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  1. Actually, Jef Rubenstien created the Mac… Steve didn’t think too much of it at the time, and then when he did see it, he took control of the project.

  2. Jef Rubenstein worked on the mac, he didnt create it. Steve may have favoured lisa to start with but eventually got 100% behind the mac, which benefits from a lot of lisa tech. |Dont forget Apple was steves company and Rubenstien owned it all to him.

  3. Jobs might have made Time’s Man of the Year too, were it not for his rather messy personal life, including a daughter born out of marriage, and affairs with singer Joan Baez and artist Maya Lin.

    What??? That only qualifies him further in my book. Geeze, these puritans are so totally sputnick. Why is this page so boring … ahh … where’s MDN’s take?

  4. Less is more, you beat me to it. What’s his personal life got to do with it? Isn’t it called “Man of the Year”? In my book, “men” come complete with balls!

  5. Oops. Sorry – thanks for the catch. I can clearly see Jef’s face from articles, so I know who I meant – just missed the last name.

    Jef Raskin. Sorry for the mix up.

  6. And, I realize that his version did not end up the final version, but HE DID START a side project named Macintosh. And he wanted to spell it differently than the apple. (Mcintosh vs Macintosh) So, yes, he did start the Mac project. Read Apple Chronicles 2, a book just released about everthing Apple, if you don’t believe it.

    And also, you can thank him for the one button mouse that macs still have today. He recently (within the last five years or so) said that he wished he had gone with a 2 or 3 button, but at the time he thought it would be more easy to use.

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