Australian Apple resellers brace for Power Mac G5 delays, demand predicted to outstrip supply

“Apple resellers are bracing themselves for fresh stock problems following the announcement of dual processor 1.8GHz, 2.0GHz and 2.5GHz Power Mac G5 lines. The new models are slated to hit Australian shelves in coming weeks,” Tim Lohman reports for ARNnet. “Director of Apple Centre Taylor Square, Ben Morgan, said there was always a problem with supplying customer demand because Apple never manufactured enough of a given line.”

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  1. Any Mac ordering verteran knows that all new Apple product will not be delivered on time, and that like IRS checks, you should expect 8-10 weeks for delivery.

  2. Beryllium, my theory about why apple does not offer a competitive entry level model is that they would sell like hotcakes and it is too much trouble to figure out how to produce enough of them. Apple makes enough money making emacs and imacs that few people want, g5’s that few can afford, ipods, and a few laptops. To increase market share, either the world has to change its perception of macs (with no help from apple) or macs will have to change. Neither will happen, and that’s ok.

  3. We seriously need a new iMac G5… and a headless iMac would be just fine, thankyou. We’ve been hearing about new monitors for some time – with the 17 inch being dropped and a 20 inch as an “entry level”.

    A new headless G5 iMac with the ability to use a person’s existing monitor (from their “Old” PC) would really crank up the market share – while retaining higher profit margins. The theory is… if a person is going to trade up their old pc already… a small but highly capable headless G5 iMac would be a serious contender.

    Steve…. where is it?

  4. Yes..True: Apple cannot produce enough of their products !
    S. Jobs said, in an interview with the Wallstreet Journal, that Apple is happy with its customers from which is about half new to the Mac platform.
    Marked-share only seems to play a significant role in the iTunes and iPod bussines… ..

  5. PS. In my village like town somewhere in Europe……there is a store that wants to sell eMac’s ! They do sell iBooks and the iMac already alongsite a large PC shelve. The G5 ‘s and the eMac ‘s are in backorder … !

  6. There’s a cafe round the corner from Taylor Square called Kink that sells the best cheesecake in the world.

    (I know it’s off topic, but it really is good cheesecake)

  7. Apple is placed between a rock and a hard place with hardware announcements. On the one hand, Mac users rapidly tire of the status quo and want to hear about the “next big thing.” On the other hand, Apple is dinged for announcing products before being able to deliver in bulk. Early product announcements also typically stunt the sales of existing product lines. Apple tries to walk the tightrope of announcing products as early as reasonably possible, but often seems to promise delivery about a month too soon. As a result, they get hammered for overpromising (like the 3GHz or the 100M songs). It is impossible to please everyone given the degree of scrutiny to which Apple is subjected.

  8. It’s a healthy sign; it’s not like we’re twisting their arm. Better that than customers that couldn’t care less. And as for the hammering, Apple is probably too busy to care, though they should worry about this.

  9. Well having more demand than can be quickly filled is a high quality problem. I think a lot of times the bottlenecks are occurring on the parts supply side tho. G5 chips, mini HDs, etc.

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