Steve Jobs: iPod not being used to drive people to Mac (but what about iPod Halo Effect?)

Neil McIntosh has posted a brief interview with Apple’s chief executive, Steve Jobs, conducted shortly after Tuesday’s launch of iTunes music store in the UK, France and Germany:

NM: When the iPod was launched, you said it might lead people to the Mac platform. Does you still believe that?
SJ: “No. We brought the iPod to Windows. That was a big decision. That was basically a decision not to use the iPod to drive people to Macs. We


  1. Naw. People are sheep. They are not going to extrapolate that Apple is a quality company, just as they do not extrapolate that rebooting your computer 10 times a day is a bad thing.

  2. the jury is out on the halo effect. Steve’s response to the question, and the fact he has not seen fit to produce anything that the thousand dollar shopper wants to buy, makes the verdict certain.

  3. No surprise to me that he feels this way, I think the Mac is just not on his “radar screen” any more.

    Hopefully there are others in the company to whom it is still important.

  4. Actually Jimbo I know pc’ers who are impressed with how easily itunes works, as I am, and appreciate that it isn’t necessary to figure out a dozen settings to make it work. I think if there were something apple makes that competed with their dell boxes speed and price wise they would consider macs. The “here ya go” effect beats the “halo” effect every time. Adios.

  5. well duh steve didn’t say much new! people used to have to buy a mac to get an ipod and now they don’t have to. so no more trying to drive them by force. that’s all he was talking about.

    he didnt say a word about convincing them gradually, he was talking about not forcing people to own a mac to get an ipod.

    i know one person who got an ipod because they like mine and now they say they want a mac. i know two other people who already did get a mac because they like the ipod and so they thought more about macs.

    only one of them never ended up getting the ipod because they couldnt afford it after getting a powerbook 😀

    anyway, that’s three people apple would not have sold any macs to without the ipod.

  6. I bought an eMac last year based on being exposed to Apple again via the iPod. Several months later I also purchased a PowerBook and sold my desktop PC on eBay. Prior to last year, I had not owned an Apple made computer since back in the Apple II days of the mid ’80s. Now that “I’m back” I believe I’ll be staying quite a while too.

  7. The iPod does lead to mac sales, whether Steve wants to admit it or not!! It might not be a driving force anymore, but since I got my iPod I know 5 people who have switched because they loved their iPod and then tried out the machintosh. I know 5 people is not a lot but those were 5 people who were blind about anything about the mac and now love the experience.

  8. For basic daily use IMO, PCs provide users with more bang for the buck. They’re kinda like the cheap low-end Japanese and Korean cars whereas Macs tend to lean more towards the fancy European stuff. (BMW, Mercedes, etc)


    get ready to get trashed with mini and bMW analogies ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  10. I use both (Windows PCs because of work). Windows PCs provide more bang for the buck if users have installed regularly self-updating antivirus/antispy/anti-whatever software and they just use MS Office, store/print but not enhance/manage digital photos, listen to/manage music via iTunes, surf the web, read email, or play games.

    Otherwise, any Mac (even the eMac) provides more bang for the buck because of the time & effort saved through applications/Mac OS/networking ease-of-use, and the added functionality present in the iLife suite – GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD.

    A Mac may not just work every time, but it works way more often than a PC does.

  11. There is no reason why Apple cannot make a $699 computer without a monitor and still make a profit. The monitor, the case, the speaker does cost money, right? I am pretty sure the highest percentage of PCs sold are not all-in-ones so there must be some demand for this type of configuration. Apple users that want a computer under $2000 should not have no other option than to replace their monitor to get a faster machine, better graphic card, etc.

    And we all know the Cube was marketed incorrectly so do not even go there! If you want users to come aboard the options need to be there.

  12. I bought an iPod about 8 months ago, just after I bought a shiny new pc. I still have both. I also now have a Mac – bought second hand about three months after the pc. I am in the process of setting up a business with a friend of mine. He is a very decent programmer who uses Linux over PC except for his need to keep Office. Initially he called the TiBook my toy – although from the off he said it was both beautiful and had a lovely looking OS. As we build our website we have been checking loads of browsers, and we have found things that don’t work in each browser. Given that we are planning to offer interior design, building and decorating services to people in the UK, and that Mac users are likely to be a core market, it is important that we offer a service that does not exclude Mac users. Safari is picky about certain things – but we must cater for Safari users. After swearing at the thing for a few days he has now anounced he is going to get one so that he can test stuff on it to make sure it works on Mac. Now obviously he could use mine – but no, he needs one for himself. We will have linux boxes as servers, we will have Windows to test stuff, but everyone who goes into someone’s house to show stuff to people will be using an iBook – unless it’s me, when it will be a powerbook. This damascene conversion is a direct half-result of me buying an iPod. The other half was getting broadband. Up until then I thought pcs were OK. How wrong I was. Since I got a Mac I fire the pc up once a week to check redundant mail accounts – and occasionally when it’s chilly I use folding@home to turn it into a fan heater, something at which it excels

  13. Steve is not going to say that the objective of the iPod is to spur Mac sales, even if that is his plan. Why? Because he doesn’t want to see a great product portrayed as a failure if Mac sales/marketshare doesn’t rapidly improve.

    Just look at how he has been lambasted for setting lofty goals for music sales and G5 CPU clock speeds. Both 100M songs and 3GHz G5 CPU’s were ambitious, but potentially achievable given the knowledge at the time he voiced them. Who could know that Pepsi would sandbag the iTunes giveaway or that reliable old Blue would have CPU development issues that remind us of the Motorola days of the early G4.

    How can sales of 70M songs in twelve months be regarded as a failure when it represents the lion’s share of the total market? The media…

    I think that S.J. has started to become a little more cautious in his verbalizations or plans and objectives.

  14. One thing that kinda irks me about Mac and iPhoto is that it doesn’t allow you to easily extract videos from digicams (I can’t afford a DV cam just yet). With windows, most connected cameras will just appear as an external hard drive. Transferring photos is as easy as creating a new directory, and dragging the photos/videos there. Unfortunately, there’s no real way of touching them up w/o having to install photoshop or the software that comes w/the cameras.

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