Apple needs headless iMac or ‘new Mac LC’ for market growth

“The last time my personal world was exploding with new Mac users was back in the early 90’s when Apple introduced the low-cost, but eminently capable, Macintosh LC. Nearly all of my friends in college at the time had one and my family and extended family bought Apple Mac LCs as well. In those days it was great — everyone had a Mac! The world was good,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo writes for Architosh.

“When Apple introduced the first Mac LC (which stood for low-cost) the company sold 500,000 units within the first twelve months. Apple seemed to deliberately cripple the LC Macs so as to not take market share away from their more powerful professional computers. In hindsight they did a good job of this. One would not consider an LC to do the types of jobs you would do on a Quadra 700 or Quadra 900,” Frausto-Robledo writes.

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  1. How many times will this dead horse get beat. I see a story like this about once a month somewhere. Once and for all…There will only be a headless imac/emac when (or if) Steve Jobs ever gets good and damned ready.

  2. I think it would be pretty neat to introduce a complete line of CUBE type Macs again, but this time let them be completely customizable like Dell, HP, and everyone else do. You choose the components in them allowing you to build a low cost or high end rig.

    Then give a nice discount for an Apple CD if purchased at the same time ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    I think it would be cool, and cater to the “GEEK” more.


  3. Adam Jackson:

    … DDR memory? name one computer sold that DOESN’T use DDR memory. That’s like saying that a car coming with seatbelts is a feature.

  4. Yeah, right…early 90’s, Windows still in its infancy (3.11), no Internet, no open source community so a market situation uncomparable with the current.

    The author has no clue what he’s talking about. Apple needs to make margins on their products, which is much more healthy for them than selling machines on which they lose money or make small margins. Don’t need another Gateway2000.

  5. Consider the eMac. The CRT on the eMac is a nice one, so let’s say it costs $50. I doubt it costs any more than that.

    Thus, a headless eMac would cost $749. Not that big of a savings.

  6. The problem with the emac is you can’t use a different monitor. If I have a LCD, which I do, I can’t connect it to an emac. Add that feature and problem solved. The emac needs an option for a better video card, appeal to gammers.

  7. someone i know had their emac screen die and they hooked up a flat screen. don’t ask me how but i know they didn’t open it up or anything really technical.

    anyway i think apple should sell a headless mac in case you already have a screen. why not sell it if people want to buy it??

    but i would be more likely to buy a mac if it came WITH head ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> mine didn’t not even a coupon in the box 🙁

  8. The eMac, iBook, Powerbook, and PowerMac have all been updated since March. So a new iMac is due very soon, as its specs are behind even the eMac.

    Will the iMac appear at WWDC? And if so, will it have a new design – even smaller? Will it break the $999 barrier? What else could be special about it?

    Speculation earlier was for a 1.6GHz G5, especially since the PowerMac moved on to dual 1.8s at the low-end. But now it seems if the iMac retains its small (or smaller) form factor, then there will be no G5 (or even dual G4s) due to heat. So that leaves either 1.33 G4 or 1.5 G4. Nothing special to cheer about. And if its just a speed bump, why wouldn’t it have already been announced via press release (like the eMac and book bumps)? So there must be something special – a new smaller design, a $999 price, or what?

    Or is there a new larger form factor design that could hold a single 1.6 G5 and maybe one PCI card? And might the rumored new DVI displays be for both the PowerMac and this new design?

    Finally, having seen Airport Express, how will the iMac further Apple’s home network vision? Will the new iMac (or new design) have built-in WiFi or a built-in WiFi base station, or something else?

    Something special is coming at WWDC! Just 10 more days to go!

  9. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH kev nothing is coming from wwdc but fancy stuff no one buys and promises…all the cards are on the table hope springs eternal buy a mac now because what you see is what you ghet for 2 more years.

    I made a ton of money on apple stock this year because I forgot about it, if i had been paying attention I would have sold it for a loss because this company does nothing right, has no consumer prospects, is the baliwick of one ego, and actually has only lost money for the last 2 years if you account correctly. I made enough money to buy a tricked out g5 with 2 big displays. Seems fair that the apple noodle i bought the stock from is buying my new computer. He probably just jumped back in at the top.

  10. I would have bought an emac at the current price if I could get it “headless”. It’s a great machine but I don’t want a thing of that size on my desk since I would want a bigger monitor and/or a TFT that I can continue to use when I replace the computer… It’s such a shame that Apple wont put out a low price “headless” mac… I would have bought two by now, one for the office and one for home in addition to the PB G4, iBook G4, iBook G3 and powermac G4 that I already have…

  11. I agree that this dead horse is beaten far too often and all is in Jobs hands, but when you get right down to it, Apple has nothing in the low end. I’m a recent switcher and I bought the eMac (thanx to a nifty scholarship) but no one is willing to try Macs as long as they might lose their ~$1000 investment. Nearly every person I meet and “wow” with my Mac inevitably comes to the conclusion that they are indeed “awesome”, but “I can get a Dell for $319”.

    Apple NEEDS a $500-$600 entry level system so that once people see how great Mac OS X is, they will inevitably think “Imagine what I could do with a PowerMac G5″…

    It makes sense. Once Jobs makes people realize that Macs are what they truly want out of a computer, they will inevitably shell out the cash for a powerful one.

  12. The iMac was supposed to be the low cost Mac. Today’s iMac starts at $1299, runs to over $2000 for a marginal performing computer with a S-L-O-W system bus and a CPU that cannot even take advantage of it’s more expensive DDR memory. At the same time, most home PCs are running less than $1,000.
    The G5’s are fairly priced but the G4 iMac is an overpriced paperweight. The eMac is OK, but about $100-200 too expensive and has the same limitations.
    The iMac needs a modern CPU and a price drop, really bad…right now.

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