With PR strike against Apple’s iTunes, MyCokeMusic.com claims it is still Europe’s biggest online st

“Coca-Cola’s music download site Mycokemusic.com has reacted to the launch of Apple’s iTunes with claims it is still Europe’s biggest online store. The site, which launched in January, said in a statement it had attracted more than 2.5 million visitors in the last two months and sold 500,000 songs. Apple launched its iTunes music store in the UK, France and Germany on Tuesday, offering 700,000 songs,” BBC News reports.

“Mycokemusic.com charges on average 99p per track, while iTunes charges 79p. Coca Cola spokesman Rafael McDonnell said: ‘Research showed us that downloading music was going be a huge change in the way that consumers access music and we were ahead of the curve with the introduction of Mycokemusic.com,'” BBC News reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: 500,000 songs in the last two months? Astounding. As in “astoundlingly poor.” Steve Jobs must be paying Coke for this publicity, since it’ll take Apple a week at most to pass 500,000 songs sold via their Euro (UK, Germany, France) iTunes Music Stores. Coke should stick to selling sugared water instead. At last count, in the U.S., Apple is selling over 3.5 million songs per week or over 500,000 per day.


  1. i hope you aren’t counting any chickens before they hatch, just because the US market is on fire doesn’t necessarly mean the Europeans are going to spend up large, it might take a while to warm up.

  2. Coke? Who Cares?

    AIM. Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Sign a contract that both of “you are about music”.

    Fixed price for 3 years and Apple will not raise prices for 3 years.

    We don’t want to steal, but we will not take it in the back end. – Your Fans and comsumers!

  3. The UK Store will pass 500,000 songs very quickly. There must be a nearly a million iPod users in this country now, and everyone’s been waiting for iTMS for a long tme.

    Coke must all be on something if they think their “Biggest” claim is going to last longer than a fortnight at most. Too much sugar and caffiene perhaps.

  4. You really think it’ll take a week to surpass that number? Personally, I think Apple already has (by at least a factor of two) and just hasn’t said anything yet.

  5. Coke was ahead of the curve huh?

    Yes, they were. Them and every other iTunes wannabe.

    Pour out some liquor for iMusic.. what was it called?… BuyMusic! Yes.. them..

  6. I actually visited (or tried to) mycokemusic.com. It recognized I have a Mac and would not allow me in. I thought that was great. Glad I don’t drink coke products.

    My 20g iPod is a wonderful piece of technology. I know my son enjoys his 20g and my daughter her mini. Apple rocks! The rest are bit players.

  7. Um, just because there a ton of iPods floating around, doesn’t guarantee iTMS success. Obviously if there are that many iPods, the people haven’t had a problem getting music up to this point. It’s now up to them to decide if they want to go legit and pay for their music.

    Let’s not forget, iPods were wildly popular here in the US when iTMS was launched, and there were still a lot of questions as to wether or not iTMS was going to be successful. Luckily, it was overwhelmingly successful. But that isn’t going to make Europeans buy songs.

    There is no guarantee. It’s all conjecture at this point. The online European music buying masses will decide…

  8. At various points, the UK has accounted for nearly one-sixth of global iPod sales.

    Given that iPod sales are now around 3.5 million globally (they were at 2.8 million at the end of March), the UK/France/German population probably account for around 700,000 iPods in total, and many more copies of iTunes.

    1 million tunes by the end of the week – no problem!

  9. The fact that the Euro-iTMS pricing beats MyCokeMusic and the others is in addition to the fact that iTMS is ideal for the iPod. The iTMS sales numbers will be significant and will soon dwarf the competition. That’s my belief, anyway.

  10. If you go to Mycokemusic.com you will get this message

    Welcome to mycokemusic.com
    We have detected that you are using an Apple Mac computer. You can use this site to enter codes and register with mycokemusic.com but you will be unable to enter and use the download shop using an Apple Mac computer.

    They could have captured some of the market if maybe they had at least made them MP3 format, but to leave out 50%+ mp3 players they will be in the #2 before the week is out

    So Coke !
    Claim it while you can because it will be very short lived.

    Long live iTunes

  11. OK, so 1 million is way overoptimistic an estimate, but I still expect the iTMS to be hugely successful in the UK.

    rageous, don’t forget that when iTMS launched in the US it was a completely unproven Mac only product. It launched in the UK with 12 months of free publicity from the media. Everyone who has an iPod knows about it, everyone who has a Mac knows about it, and everyone who uses iTunes on Windows knows about it. Whatever it’s longterm success, it will blow Coke’s total out of the sugared water very quickly.

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