Apple posts video-on-demand QuickTime of London iTunes Music Store Launch

Apple has posted a video-on-demand QuickTime of the iTunes Music Store launch.

“The biggest story in music is about to get even bigger. Tune-in to see Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, launch the Apple iTunes Music Store in UK, France, and Germany from the Old Billingsgate Market in London, UK.”

See the video here.


  1. I was glad to hear that car-audio is being worked on in the labs of Apple. We need a good way to integrate the iPod to our car stereos.

    Alicia Keys was the best part of the launch. She convinced me to buy her album.

  2. Yeah, what was with that UK audience? The infamous British reserve? I didn’t even think there was an audience for a while during Steve’s speach. He didn’t even get any applause when he gave them all gift certificates. Oh well, different strokes I guess. Any way Alicia was hot. I am definately gonna buy some of her stuff.

    The coolest thing about Steve’s speach was him showing ALL the features and how well thought out and organized this whole thing is. Man, iTunes is gonna DOMINATE. No bout a doubt it, by far the best solution available.

  3. This is one I’m gonna skip (but my nose is gonna be glued to the screen on June 28).

    I can’t bear to hear the spin of “over 700,000 tracks.” I might react like the audience did too — perhaps they knew he didn’t mean 700,000 per store.

    Tough situation … iTMS needs the indies and viceversa. I hope there’s a quick compromise otherwise everyone loses.

  4. Mike,

    I assure you every developer at WWDC is an Uber-computer nerd and they are always screaming in appluase. Perhaps the British don’t like Steve’s pompousness…God knows that they wouldn’t want it to clash with their own, especially coming from an AMERICAN.

  5. actually there were few geeks there, most of the attendees were music business representatives and music industry hacks. that’s why there was a cool reaction to the gift certificates.

  6. What do you expect, chants of “USA”? England was in shock because of the football.

    Had Steve thought me important enough to invite, I would have cheered like a maniac. I wouldn’t have thrown my Calvins on the stage though. That would be too much like a stalker.

  7. Hope the BBC folks who are in charge of streaming video through “real” take a gander at the streaming QT video – they might actually be able to SEE what happened, as well as hear it – and at the same time, too!

  8. And you’ll notice that SJ started to put in his standard pauses for applause after his first couple of “big” statements, too – the RDF must have been pretty weak that far from Cupertino…

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