Steve Jobs and iTunes Music Store video report available online

“Paul Mason investigated how new technology is changing the music business. Apple launched its iTunes business in Europe which will allow people to download music for a small fee. Other companies are fighting for the legal downloading market,” BBC News writes. “But will our increasing ability to download music from the internet be good or bad for the business, and who’ll be the likely winners and losers?”

The package contains Steve Jobs clips from the iTunes Music Store Euro launch and examines Apple’s iPod and iTunes Music Store, specifically for the UK.

BBC Newsnight can be seen on BBC Two at 2130 GMT 2230 UK, or in Real video, either live or on demand, here. If RealPlayer doesn’t launch automatically, double-click the “newsnight.ram” file you’ve downloaded.

(Note: Some users may have to copy the link above link (Control-click or Right-click it), launch RealPlayer and paste this location in RealPlayer (File:Open Location…) to view the piece. It starts at 24:45 and runs through 31:05.


  1. If this is a sample of the latest REAL technology, Quicktime has nothing to worry about. This streaming video has all the quality of Quicktime streaming when it was first introduced 10+ years ago.

  2. I agree, Ary – but what Apple needs to do is release the footage of this event in Quicktime so it can be compared to what the BBC thinks is “real” quality.

  3. Red Wings, smart decision!

    Do it one better and send an email to the BBC website saying that you can’t view the video because you have QuickTime and don’t use REAL because of the poor quality.

  4. I never realised how crap real player is after seeing this very poor quality video!

    Bllody hell! How on earth did they get 26% of the global video streaming market!!

    Real makes Quicktime look like a Picasso painting!!

    If this is the current quality of Real’s product then they aren’t gonna be around much longer with shit quality like this!

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