Apple iTunes rival OD2 offers one-cent song streaming in select European countries

“A day ahead of the launch of Apple Computer’s iTunes music store in Europe, local rival On Demand Distribution, or OD2, on Monday rolled out a new streaming service aimed at bolstering its appeal against the powerful newcomer. As announced in January, the new service will allow listeners to pay just .01 euro (1 cent) per song, without being billed a monthly subscriber fee. The streaming service is available in France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, the same countries where the company’s download service is available,” John Borland reports for CNET News. “As before, customers can also pay .99 euro ($1.20) to download a song permanently.”

Full article here.


  1. Oooooo .. isn’t that what streaming internet radio is for? And that is free. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I would pay a penny to stream a song I was considering buying – I would prefer a full paid preview to the free 30-second preview currently available.

  3. Apple keeps building the same box with the same formula…

    While creative vendors offer alternative plans and use more complainant box’s (pick any MP3 player you like) and software (the widely distributed WMP).

    Apple once again was at the top for a moment, and then consumers had better options and better value, thanks to the great provider.

    I all ready have all the parts on my Windows computer why would I want to change…

  4. I wouldn’t consider Windows a better option or value. It’s an OPTION, but not a BETTER one.

    This 1� to preview feature sounds really cool, but I wonder how long it’ll take before someone uses Wiretap (or somthing similar) to get that song ultra cheap. If that happens, this feature won’t be around too long.

  5. “I all ready have all the parts on my Windows computer why would I want to change…”

    Because maybe you wouldn’t sound like such a brainless thickhead if you did? Plus, OS X has a very good spell checking system.

  6. How about if iTunes allowed full preview once per song for free. You would have to be logged in, so the iTMS would know what songs you have already previewed, and only allow the 30 second preview on songs already listened to one time. I think Apple could use it to provide valuable marketing info to the labels in return… not per user of course.

  7. What you have here is a box with an iPod and over 65 turds in it. iTMS users only get to use the iPod. Users of other online music stores get to use their choice of several different pieces of Sh… Well, you get the point.

  8. Oddly enough, Sputnik, Apple has yet to take over the planet, so that means you have the right to choose whatever solution you find best for you. Anybody at Apple will tell you as much. They feel they offer the best solution, and many people agree. You feel you can be better served elsewhere, and many agree with you too.

    You’re just lucky Apple is around to push the envelope and get other people doing things that would have otherwise never have been done. While Apple may not be your delivery system of choice, you can still thank them for all the choices you now have in this area.

  9. what’d be pretty interesting would be for Apple to have random track sampling.. IE you could preview 30 seconds of a song, but each time you previewed you could get a different part of the song. That would still make stealing the song difficult, but would make it easier for people to find out if this is thee track they want.

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