AOL announces iTunes alliance with Apple in Europe

AOL announced today it has teamed up with Apple to integrate the popular iTunes Music Store throughout AOL Music channels in the UK, France and Germany, providing AOL Members with instant, one-click registration to the popular online music store in each of the three countries. The iTunes Music Store, which launched in the UK, France and Germany today, offers users the ability to preview, purchase and download music from a catalogue of more than 700,000 songs.

When iTunes is fully integrated, AOL members in the three countries will be able to directly access the iTunes Music Store by clicking on iTunes buttons integrated throughout AOL Music. AOL members will be able to use their AOL screennames and passwords to access the iTunes Music Store where they can search, preview and buy music as well as browse exclusive AOL/iTunes programming pages in the iTunes Music Store. Special offers from AOL for free iTunes downloads and iPods, giveaways will be available to AOL Members as well. For more information, AOL members can go to AOL Keyword: iTunes.

“We are delighted that Apple has chosen AOL as its partner at the launch of the iTunes Music Store for the UK, France and Germany,” said Philip Rowley, President, AOL Europe in the press release. “AOL is committed to providing our members the best and most comprehensive music services and exclusive content. With the integration of iTunes, they will have one-click access to the pioneering iTunes Music Store.”

“As we roll out the iTunes Music Store in the UK, France and Germany, we are also pleased to be expanding our relationship with AOL,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications Marketing in the press release. “By joining forces, we are making it easy for AOL Members to preview and buy music from the iTunes Music Store as a natural extension of their AOL Music experience.”

Over the course of the next several weeks, AOL UK, AOL France and AOL Germany will conduct promotional sweepstakes giving members the chance to win iPods and free downloads from the iTunes Music Store. AOL UK members, for example, will have the chance to win one of 29 iPod minis, and a grand prize 40-gigabyte iPod with a certificate code for 1,000 free songs, as well as giveaways to AOL members of tens of thousands of iTunes Music Store tracks.

This alignment comes as interest in legitimate music download services has skyrocketed. According to Nielsen SoundScan data, digital singles beat physical single sales by a margin of more than 6 to 1 by the end of last year. iTunes Music Store customers have downloaded more than 85 million songs from the iTunes Music Store since its launch in the U.S. last April.

AOL UK: AOL’s agreement with Apple builds on the strong heritage of the AOL Music channel in the UK, which attracts more than one million unique visitors on a monthly basis. Recent exclusives from groups such as the Sugababes and the Scissor Sisters performing in intimate surroundings for Sessions@AOL, and a deal to stream footage from the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival, have further strengthened AOL’s position in the market.

AOL Germany: AOL Germany sees the integration of iTunes as an ideal complement to its existing Music channel. iTunes will be integrated both throughout AOL’s Music channel and in the Computer & Technology channel. AOL’s exclusive collaboration with iTunes underscores its proficiency in matters of music and entertainment.

AOL France: The integration of iTunes into AOL France is another milestone in our commitment to provide our AOL France members with a wide range of legal music services and content to meet their needs. The iTunes integration is part of a series of new services that AOL France will be announcing, which will change the online music experience for our French members.

AOL Europe, a business unit of America Online, Inc., which is the world’s leading interactive services company with more than 32 million members worldwide. America Online, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. America Online is the world’s leader in interactive services, Web brands, Internet technologies and e-commerce services.


  1. So it seems we Americans cant seem to do anything good enough, is that it? Its our fault Europe destroyed itself twice by playing the indifference and fear card. Americans come in and help with machinery and men and then help rebuild infrastructure. What Europe did to the rest of the world during the 18th and 19th century is partly why Africa and the middle east is they way it is. At least the British Government can take responsibility and try to clean up its mess. And what about all the Vietnamese the French killed and suppressed. Does history mean nothing to anybody anymore. The US gives billions of dollars to countries all over the world, we are one of the first to send relief to disaster areas all over the world. I dont seem to remember the Philippines or China in outcry when we liberated them from Japanese control. I will admit that there are US companies that have questionable ethics but the rest of Americans cannot be judged because of a large interest companies activities. The US was the lead source of aid to Afghanistan even before 9/11. So all you “US is evil” mongers out there need to remember the past and your own countries transgressions. Or maybe we should release Saddam and let him rule some other country or let Osama out of his hole in Eastern Afghanistan and see how long it is till they attack another soft civilian target in Europe (God bless the poor souls who lost their lives in Madrid). Anyone who doesn’t look further than their local news on what is going on in Iraq or Afghanistan is being very lazy and misinformed. Maybe you should look at the the new Iraqi government website and read about what is going on in the rest of the country instead of just whats going on in Falluja. First get smart then complain, dont just spout off what you’ve been told by the conglomerates.

  2. Ryan
    Americans have supported the commies all the way through wwII and way after that. Americans had apartheid system till 1970 ies and they still discriminate people today men/women/white/black/asian/hetero/gay… etc.. etc… and so on. Over 30% of the black male population don�t have the right to vote because they have been judged by the white “majority”. Americans and Israeliens have broken EVERY single article of the International law that was made before and after the wwII. USA and Israel does these things every day! (Yesterday and today! Amazing! N�rnberg I Say!). Those laws were made to prevent the things that happened during the wwII. Don�t do as we do… Do as we say…
    About 6.5 billion people are so fucking tiered with that. Me included.

    I don�t have any respect for the americans. There is absolutely no freedom nor democracy what they are doing. No matter what the shit they talk is mesured by the action what they do and what they have done during these 50 years after wwII.

    I am afraid that Kerry actually don�t want to be elected at all.
    If Kerry would screw things up it would damage the sales of Heinz products.
    So we have to have every day for the next 4 years shit for breakfest=Bush in TV

  3. Red Wings.
    You don�t get it. USA supported before and after wwII the communist Russia. It was Russia that won the war and not the USA. USA had to do something when they realized that the USSR was the winner, so they started so called cold war. Now we have the Great Satan and the Small Satan. USA and Israel. Well done ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Explain to me why there is 30% and so and so many million black men who can�t vote in USA?
    Explain to me why there is majority of the black people living in poverty?
    Explain why there is no gay marriage in the land of freedom?
    Explain why there is no birth right to vote? ie you have to register to vote and the right to vote can be taken away from you.
    I can continue this list basically for ever. ( Thanks BJr ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> )
    Okay Dave H…
    I remember to add following things:
    no humour
    no understanding

  4. The US wouldnt have acted without the UN if the UN had done something about Saddam in the past 12 years instead of aligning with him in scamming the everyday Iraqi people out of food and medicine. Those people have more clean water and electricity. How about the right to publicly complain and do something without being imprisoned and shot for the simple reason that they want something to change for the better. Remember indifference is the glove into which evil slips its hand. I think the UN has lost a lot of credit in the past few years especially with the oil for food program.

  5. Don’t you ever question the choice of Kerry, and the press support he achieved? Kerry and Bush are two sides of the same bent coin. It doesn’t matter who your countrymen vote for in November, the NSA and their pocket billionaires will still be governing you.

    The USA has been a great force for good in the world. Redwings points out just a few of the occasions where this is proved. It’s just such a shame that such a great country appears to be going into terminal decline before our eyes.

    The Roman Empire took two hundred years to dissolve after the rot set in. The Washington Empire may not take that long to fall apart.

  6. One guy in Finland.

    You are the most uninformed of uninformed. Be sure not to listen to anyone else or live in reality, just stay in your private world where everything makes sense to you and only you.

  7. Well Red Wings.. Why did UN do nothing about Saddam????
    Because USA did support Saddam bast 12 years ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    Why did USA support Saddam for the bast 12 years? Oil? No! OIL? Yes ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    Or against Iran?
    Go figure..
    pc user 47
    Unfortunately this is the reality. Stop playing games with your PC.

  8. Where do you 30% of black males cant vote. People only lose the right to vote if they have been convicted of a serious crime. Gay marriage is not allowed because of the puritan heritage of our country, we have a large swath of the country that is very biblical and want to keep marriage between a man and a woman. There is no law saying that two gay individuals cant live together and love each other. Many straight people dont marry and still live like they are. And the majority of black people do not live in poverty, this is America and every community has the ability to pull itself together and prosper, Asian and hispanic communities are able to better themselves within the first and second generation. The African American community just has to unite and help each other out like the rest of migrant groups did, from the English, Irish, Italians, Jews, Germans, Muslims, Swedes, etc… We register to vote so there is less probability of voter fraud and other various reasons. Finland you need to do more research on US history to understand us and to improve your arguments instead of just listing off the things you see in propaganda films. And the US assistance to the USSR seems to be very neccesary to history, there was a united cause to remove the Nazis from power. It is not the fault of the US that Stalin wanted to procure a buffer area to protect the USSR from another attack. How can you say that only the USSR won WWII? It was a union of countries that defeated Nazi Germany, without American and British goods and Intelligence the USSR could not easily have beaten the German eastern front army. And are you saying that Jews do not deserve a place or right to live? Im not Jewish but I have friends that are. The Muslim community needs to open up and accept Judaism as a world religion, they have been worshiping God-Allah-yahweh for longer than Christians or Muslims. I should think that suicide bombers should be seen as a greater evil than the assassination of a known terrorist. Finland i think you need to broaden your understanding of world history. I have studied history in the US and Europe. And I think I know the inner workings of my country better than you do. Thats fine if Finland, Sweden and Norway’s Socialist governments work and everyone is happy. Socialism does not work well in the US. Socialism only works to relieve pressure and build jobs as it did pre WWII.

  9. Capitalism has made the US and now Europe and China to an extent to the holders of world power. I will admit that the US didn’t prepare as well as it could have when going into Iraq but Iraq is now a better country and on the way to becoming a respected land regaining its rich history. Baghdad will shine again as a center of middle eastern knowledge as it did in the time of the Prophet Mohammed.
    One more thing, how about trying to get proactive about things in the world instead of just complaining about how someone else is doing it wrong. I dont see Finland trying to help out.

    We haven’t supported Saddam since the late 70s or at latest early 80s when he gassed the Kurds who are another minority that deserves the right to life like the Israelis.
    How did the US support Saddam for the past 12 years? We shot down his planes when they ventured into Kurd or Shi ite areas. We buy our oil from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia or process our own reserves. It was members of the UN like France and Germany that were profiting from illegal oil sales. The US did not see any of it.

    The more pathetic arguments only leads me to believe that you are sulking like a little child who wants his way or the highway. Now get your facts right, stow your anti semitism, realize that it is the duty of every person on earth to squash evil where it grows, to promote unity and responsibility for actions, and to lend a helping hand.

  10. Oh back to topic, go Apple and iTunes. Welcome to the club western Europe. Good luck to the rest of europe. Its a beautiful place with good people and wonderful history.

  11. Sorry Guy from Finland. No hard feelings, but please do try to expand your knowledge of history and current US. You arent a stupid person, you seem to have the brain to choose the right things, and its admirable that you run an all Mac business. Sorry for the rant everyone, but cant stand it when not all the facts are out.

  12. Red Wings
    Freedom and democracy indeed =)

    Puritan heritage? From where did you get that??????? Did you ask any of your Native friends? Inka�s etc?

    Propaganda films in Finland? =)
    We are older democracy than USA and we do not have propaganda films against USA. Or sorry we do have ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Torturing, raping and killing people somewhere. That is everyday news from CNN.

    US billions to USSR before and after wwII were real.
    Gearmany was not the real devil. It was the Communist Russia and the USA. Have you seen to many propaganda films lately?
    Lenin+Stalin+Pol Pot+Mao Tsetung killed 100 000 000 people with the help from USA. Do not forget Vietnam and Kampodia etc.

    Norway is a very rich country. Extreamly rich. They want to save their welth for the next generations of Norwegians. They also want to give the best possible care to all of the Norwegians today. That is not socialism that is money well spend. They are Kingdom though.

    Sweden is a a very very rich country. Not so rich as the Norway. They also want to save their welth for the next generations. Sweden gives the best possible care for all the Swedish people. That is not socialism that is reality and understanding how the life is. Swedish have had their freedom because of the Finland. (Then again Norwegians lost their freedom during the wwII because of the Finland.) Sweden is also Kingdom.

    Finland is a very rich country. Not so rich as the Norway or Sweden. We take care of people today and tommorrow. We have more democracy than Norway and Sweden. Our Freedom is unique. We Finnish people understand that only when we visit other countries. We do not have Oil as the Norwegians and we are not so protected as the Swedish. We just do things ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    We do not lose our right to vote.
    You have that right for ever.

    Northern Countries (= Finland/Denmark/Norway/Sweden) has mature political enviroment. We do things together even with people that are from the different parties. In Finland Conservative party (Kokoomus) won the European parliament election. (I voted for Alexander Stubb)

  13. Oh. I forgot. Rithcest man in the world comes from Sweden.
    Any how.. He lives now in the Netherlands.
    So you go figure with all that socialism and stuff.
    I can tell that Sweden as a Kingdom is much more socialistic than Finland as openly democratic country =)

    We are very liberal here. We give other people right to do what they want to do. Here we have Freedom and we fight for that.

    Here is a very good examples:
    (not a good site though… the only one fast from google)

    Our President:
    1. As an unmarried mother she raised and educated her daughter Anna
    2. She defeated the non-socialist candidate, former Prime Minister Esko Aho, in the second round of the popular vote
    3. The relationship between the head of state and her partner did cause a minor headache where protocol was concerned. At official functions, however, Pentti Araj�rvi – a senior civil servant at Parliament – was received naturally in the same way that a spouse would have been. Then, in late August, the two married in a simple and very private ceremony conducted by an official from the Helsinki registry office. An impenetrable veil of secrecy had been thrown over the event, which took even the press completely by surprise.
    I can tell more.. Our Foreign Minister was our Presidents boyfriend long long time ago. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    Lesbian too?

    I am vote for Kokoomus (=National Coalition Party)
    I also voted for Her. Our President who has more Balls than Bush Jr

    Here is the President�s Standard

    Alex Stubb is here:

    Okay this chat was loooooonng…

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