Share an Internet connection with up to 7 other Macs or Bluetooth-enabled devices

The Bluetooth To Internet Utility allows you to share an Internet connection from one Mac to up to seven other Macs or Palm devices that have Bluetooth hardware. You can run network programs, play games, or anything you can do with a wired connecton.

The utility starts a PPP server over a Bluetooth port. The client Mac or Palm then connects to the Mac using PPP. The server Mac then shares the Internet connection, using Apple’s Internet Sharing.

This donationware application was written with Applescript Studio and Xcode. More info and download link here.


  1. MDN – I’m not usually one for approving of censorship, I’ll make an exception in this case. Thanks for removing the “Donnie” comments. I hope you make good judgements like this in the future.


  2. This could be cool. Unfortunately I am only “dongled” for bluetooth at this point. Japan is behind on acceptance of bluetooth also. It wasn’t an option in the new phone I got. (one other had bluetooth but not the other essential functions I need)

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