PC World names Mac OS X ‘Best Operating System of 2004,’ Apple iTunes ‘Software Newcomer of the Year

PC World writes of Apple Mac OS X operating system, “Panther’s sleek interface and reliable performance are impressive. Although we aren’t suggesting that you ditch your hardware and buy a Mac, Apple deserves credit for raising the bar for OSs. And we hope Microsoft is paying attention as it works on the next Windows.”

“Apple makes Windows apps about as often as Microsoft ships bug-free products, and if iTunes for Windows (free) is any indication, that’s a crying shame. The iTunes media player works on PCs the same way it does on Macs, right down to the handy feature that lets you share your music library with other PC or Mac iTunes users on your network. It looks great, it’s easy to use, and it has a surprising number of useful features, like the abilities to generate rules-based Smart Playlists and to trim individual tracks,” PC World reports.

“Meanwhile, Apple’s complementary iTunes Music Store (99 cents per track, album prices vary) started the party last year on subscription-free digital tunes, pioneering the 99-cents-per-track model that most online music stores now use. With easy navigation, an impressive exclusive track selection, and such innovative offerings as audiobooks and radio show archives, iTunes Music Store is going strong,” PC World writes. “Competitors like RealPlayer Music Store made this a tough choice, but it’s hard to beat a store that’s built into the best media player software around. We do have one major complaint: iTunes tracks are incompatible with digital audio players other than Apple’s own iPod. How selfish!”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We have no such qualms, so MacDailyNews heartily suggests that you ditch your hardware and buy a Mac; why settle for a half-baked copy of Mac OS X in 2007 when you can have the best today? Moo.


  1. I have been a Windows user since 95 and only recently gave away my PC. (didn’t have the guts to charge anything). If Longhorn is going to be a continuation of previous Windows versions, it will be crap again. MS has to face it, they maybe able to put a ‘nice’ gui on the kernel, if they do not start from scratch the architecture will remain a disaster.

  2. Longhorn, if it’s a complete rewrite, will have the same challenge that Apple had migrating it’s users to OS X. Most programs will not run on it, etc. etc. They will probably create a shell of XP to run those programs, and it will run slower. It will be a difficult thing to manage, and if they screw it up, it could be a great time for people to consider Apple. One thing Apple had going for it was just how vastly better OS X was than OS 9 (in my opinion anyway). Will MS be able to make something that much better than XP? We’ll see…

  3. Just have to wonder if the MacWorld folks figured out a way to infiltrate the PCWorld offices… oh, wait, what am I thinking – it would have been easy.

  4. BuriedCeasar sayeth:
    “Just have to wonder if the MacWorld folks figured out a way to infiltrate the PCWorld offices… oh, wait, what am I thinking – it would have been easy.”

    OUCH! that’s gonna leave a welt! 😀

  5. “Suggest the first post after Sputnik should always be:


    Nahhhh. It is much more fun to instead call him what he really is, a clueless moron.

  6. Hey Sputnik

    The Media Extender is also ahead of Microsoft: “Windows Media Center Extender will ship in late 2004”

    Airport express is available to order now!

  7. Someone please tell FudgeNik that Apple provides numerous, free bug-fixes throughout the life of each new VERSION of the OS.
    PC trolls live here – how funny is that?
    Go buy a new motherboard at Radio Shack� and remove some spyware, you needle-dik.

  8. I am impressed with pc world. That took some big brass ones.

    Oh and I am really starting to get sick of hearing all the vaporware claims about wronghorn. That thing isn’t even gonna be available for at least 2 years, maybe 3-5!!!!! Talking about how great it is gonna be is as meaningful as talking about how great the new cars are going to be in 2007.

  9. OS X Tiger will be previewed June 28 – July 2. So if you want to know where OS X is going, I suggest you get your information from the source. At the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. While everybody else is stil fighting a Mac/Pc war. The two are working together more than ever. Find what ever OS suits you best, start using your computers and do as Steve and Bill. Make money!!!

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