PC World names Mac OS X ‘Best Operating System of 2004,’ Apple iTunes ‘Software Newcomer of the Year

PC World writes of Apple Mac OS X operating system, “Panther’s sleek interface and reliable performance are impressive. Although we aren’t suggesting that you ditch your hardware and buy a Mac, Apple deserves credit for raising the bar for OSs. And we hope Microsoft is paying attention as it works on the next Windows.”

“Apple makes Windows apps about as often as Microsoft ships bug-free products, and if iTunes for Windows (free) is any indication, that’s a crying shame. The iTunes media player works on PCs the same way it does on Macs, right down to the handy feature that lets you share your music library with other PC or Mac iTunes users on your network. It looks great, it’s easy to use, and it has a surprising number of useful features, like the abilities to generate rules-based Smart Playlists and to trim individual tracks,” PC World reports.

“Meanwhile, Apple’s complementary iTunes Music Store (99 cents per track, album prices vary) started the party last year on subscription-free digital tunes, pioneering the 99-cents-per-track model that most online music stores now use. With easy navigation, an impressive exclusive track selection, and such innovative offerings as audiobooks and radio show archives, iTunes Music Store is going strong,” PC World writes. “Competitors like RealPlayer Music Store made this a tough choice, but it’s hard to beat a store that’s built into the best media player software around. We do have one major complaint: iTunes tracks are incompatible with digital audio players other than Apple’s own iPod. How selfish!”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We have no such qualms, so MacDailyNews heartily suggests that you ditch your hardware and buy a Mac; why settle for a half-baked copy of Mac OS X in 2007 when you can have the best today? Moo.


  1. Bravo to PC World for the awards. You can’t blame them for not suggesting its readers buy a Mac or their advertisers would be even more pissed than they are now!

  2. I’m with MDN on this one. Hey PC users, come on over the feelings great!

    PC World seems to give some good thought to there reviews and are not afraid of giving Apple creadit for some frickin’ great stuff. PC World, keep up the good job.

  3. To not have admitted it would’ve been the height of hypocrisy. I’ve read some informative articles on PC World in the past, so come on … widen your audience.

  4. And by the way:
    Apple is silently preparing for entering the music-subscription market – if necessary. Think about all those Airport Express equipped stereos and the possibility to stream music to them. IF any subscription makes sense, it would be one where you can easily access your music not only on your PC (or your Janus-Mp3-Player) but from your beloved stereo in the living room.
    Add a .Mac/iTMS-combi-subscription to the picture.

  5. I bet it was hard for PC world to write this article but if know anything about the computer market you know that Apple has the best platform on the market right now.

  6. Shabaz, the award is not best NEW OS of 2004. As a matter of fact, Win XP Pro won last year, but XP came out three years ago.

    In contrast, iTunes/Win won Best Software NEWCOMER.

  7. I can assure all of the readers of MDN that when the soon to be released Longhorn reaches the store shelves, there will be no mention of the Apple OS know as OS X something.

    You must remember that Apple charges its users for service packs and calls them a new version of the OS. That is why for 2004 Apple wins because OS X whatever is the only new version of a OS.

    XP is a wonderful OS full of features including a streaming video feature called “Media Center Extender” that is light years ahead of Apples silly little audio streaming device.


  8. Sputnik, ease upon your meds. They’re making you think 2006 (and I’m being charitable, there) is “soon”.

    And AGAIN, it is NOT “Best NEW OS”. Read it CAREFULLY! As I mentioned in my previous post, Win XP Pro won in U003. unless you count the endless security patches as ” a new OS”, this ought to clarify that it is NOT “best NEW OS”.

    And SORRY, but our service packs are free. Apple issues several a year. It’s when they cram a load of new features together (and sometimes a bit short of a load 🙁 ) that they charge for it.

  9. Hmmm… From Gendo’s link:

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    $A 760; a 75-85% premium after exchange rate conversion. Some Monster cable?

  10. Sputnik, point releases for the Mac OS (10.1, 10.2, 10.3, etc) are not service packs. They are full fledged OS releases with a bevy of new features, and their own code names. For example, 10.3 is code named “Panther”, 10.2 was named “Jaguar”.

    Now, software updates are a different story. Again, 10.3.4, for example, is an update to the Panther version of OS X v10.3. Hope this helps the misinformed such as yourself.

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