Microsoft and OD2 brace for Apple’s Euro iTunes Music Store launch

“Windows Media Player users will be able to buy music downloads from a selection of European online stores, after Microsoft and OD2 teamed up to lure fans away from Apple’s iTunes. The service, known as ‘SonicSelector,’ was developed by British-based download service OD2 and was unveiled on Monday at a press conference in London,’ Reuters reports.

“The announcement comes as OD2, long Europe’s dominant download firm, and Microsoft Corp brace for the European arrival of the iTunes Net music store, a launch that is expected to jumpstart Europe’s tiny music download market. Apple is hosting a press conference on Tuesday in London where, music industry sources said, it will announce the long-awaited European launch date for iTunes,” Reuters reports. “Over the past few weeks, Roxio has launched Napster in the UK and Sony Corp said it was readying the roll-out later this month of its Sony Connect online music store.”

Full article here.


  1. I can’t wait to see how this goes in the UK. I have a feeling the results will be quite surprising. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Let me be the most recent one to say, “Welcome to iTMS!”

  2. yeah man! i am there this week. gotta see the Hasslehoff XPress! that dude rocks infinity. my hips are already girating at the berlin wall!

    go baby go!

  3. Memo:

    To: Longhorn development team

    From: The Evil Dark Lord of the Sith Gates

    To all involved in project Longhorn, you are hereby ordered to design Longhorn in such a way as other music and video formats require a license key to be played.

    This will prevent rogue services such as Quicktime, iTunes and Real Networks from captilizing and displacing our superior format off our own OS.

    End of memo.

  4. I bet the Dark Lord is thinking hard about how to cripple iTunes on Longhorn. And I bet they’ll find a way to do it, so I hope SJ has a secret plan to deal with the inevitable…
    Why do I think that? As a recent business switcher, the ONLY aspect of my Mac experience that I hate is the crappy sllooooooww version of Word I have to use. Word on Windows was MUCH faster on my old 400 MHz Thinkpad than it is on my 1.33 GHz Powerbook, and I have no doubt that is intentional–there’s just no excuse for it.

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