Dell vows ‘to chip away at Apple’s market-leading iPod and iTunes combo’ using Dell DJ, MusicMatch

“In a conference call to reporters Monday, Dell executives Mike George and Michael Farello said the company… would enhance its Dell DJ brand MP3-player with more capacity to chip away at Apple Computer’s market-leading iPod and iTunes combination. George said Dell could not match Apple’s marketing success or the brand loyalty, but he remained firm in his conviction that Dell would be able to undercut Apple with lower prices, compatibility with more file formats and momentum for its continued partnership with MusicMatch (soon to be updated to version 8.2),” Michael Singer reports for

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Having trouble marketing a lesser solution, Mr. Dell? That’s funny, it never stopped you before.


  1. Look for major price reduction on the standard iPod for this coming Holiday Season. SJ in the WSJ says they’re working on lowering the price points. Dell is a commodity company and they do exceptionally well. They will continue to do well and that’s the way it is. Eventually Apple will not dominate but will have a good percentage of the market. It is inevitable. Jerby? Who’s dat? (There isn’t an iPod minis in black).

  2. Wow, we are a vicious crowd. Remember that the only things that Apple has above the Dell DJ is pretty much brand loyalty and coolness factor. The Dell DJ is cheaper and has a longer battery life. Sure it may not be as easy to use, but I don’t know…they do sound pretty appealing. Over time, fads come and go. Then Apple might have problems…

  3. Yep, sounds like a typical Dell strategy:
    1) Copy as closely as you can, but do a bad job
    2) Throw more capacity at the consumer – yeah, that’s what they want.
    3) Throw lower prices. Drive them to buy lower quality with a lower price.

  4. Russell, that’s the whole thing that Dell/Microsloth just don’t get about Apple products – THEY ARE EASIER TO USE! They are also smoother to use and just more pleasant to use. Yeah, I can come up with a turd in a shoebox that can store my photos, but I’d rather use my iPhoto!

    BTW, let’s see if Paul Turd-Rot is going to hold Dell to their “prediction” of chipping away at Apple/iPod!!!

  5. Dell’s battery life is “Up To” 18 hours or so. Has there ever been any real-world report on actual battery life? Also the player is considerably larger and heavier then the standard iPod. Dell seems to spend a lot of time mentioning Apple in its press conferences. Interesting since MD predicted Apple’s demise a few years ago. The immaturity of its execs match the immaturity of…. Apple fanatics!

  6. JJ

    Not intentionally. And I imagine those Mac creative types in the advertising art department must have had a gun pointed at their heads. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  7. pkradd, yes I can vouch for the battery life of a Dell DJ. It is more than 18 hours. That’s because no one uses them, so their batteries never need charging!!!

  8. As much as I like Mac and despise Dell, y’all should remember this: 95% of the planet owns crappy Windows products. Winblows disks and Dell boxes didn’t just bud asexually out of people– they bought them. Willingly. From the Home Shopping Network even. Hard to believe, I know, but that’s the reality. Yeah, the iPod rocks, but it won’t stop the mass of idiot sheep out there who will buy the Dell DJ, especially if they use commercials with buxom twins.

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