Dell vows ‘to chip away at Apple’s market-leading iPod and iTunes combo’ using Dell DJ, MusicMatch

“In a conference call to reporters Monday, Dell executives Mike George and Michael Farello said the company… would enhance its Dell DJ brand MP3-player with more capacity to chip away at Apple Computer’s market-leading iPod and iTunes combination. George said Dell could not match Apple’s marketing success or the brand loyalty, but he remained firm in his conviction that Dell would be able to undercut Apple with lower prices, compatibility with more file formats and momentum for its continued partnership with MusicMatch (soon to be updated to version 8.2),” Michael Singer reports for

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Having trouble marketing a lesser solution, Mr. Dell? That’s funny, it never stopped you before.


  1. LOL, “chip away” they’ve been run over by the train coming down the tracks. In the last year I’ve only seen one person carrying the brick of DJ in all of NYC. They were wearing dark sunglasses to hide their identity…

  2. So when an iPod ships with a 60GB drive able to store 15,000 songs (around 1500 albums) at 128kbits, what will Dell ship? The ability to store 1750 albums?

    OK, lets look at more file formats: they already ship WMA (which nobody wants) and MP3 (which Apple already ships). What can they add? FLAC? Ogg VORBIS? Maybe they’ll add Dolby AAC to support Real – although that won’t go down well with their masters in Redmond.

    And then we get to MusicMatch. Are you going to be selling more songs than iTMS? Or different songs?

    This really is whistling in the dark.

  3. The price undercut stragety has worked very well for them before – most people not seeing the difference from one desktop system to the next. However, everyone can see the differences when it comes to MP3 players. Price alone with not give them an advantage.

  4. …compatibility with more file formats…
    The new Dull DJ will be able to play all format AAI, PST, BMP, JPG, ASCII, TXT, INI, PICT, EXE, COM, CMD, BAT MP3, WMA…. etc. However, it will not support AAC because it’s just not compatible.
    These guys have no shame to redicule themselves and pretend that they’ll do better with someone elses idea.

  5. Look for major price reduction on the standard iPod for this coming Holiday Season. SJ in the WSJ says they’re working on lowering the price points. Dell is a commodity company and they do exceptionally well. They will continue to do well and that’s the way it is. Eventually Apple will not dominate but will have a good percentage of the market. It is inevitable. Jerby? Who’s dat? (There isn’t an iPod minis in black).

  6. Wow, we are a vicious crowd. Remember that the only things that Apple has above the Dell DJ is pretty much brand loyalty and coolness factor. The Dell DJ is cheaper and has a longer battery life. Sure it may not be as easy to use, but I don’t know…they do sound pretty appealing. Over time, fads come and go. Then Apple might have problems…

  7. Yep, sounds like a typical Dell strategy:
    1) Copy as closely as you can, but do a bad job
    2) Throw more capacity at the consumer – yeah, that’s what they want.
    3) Throw lower prices. Drive them to buy lower quality with a lower price.

  8. Russell, that’s the whole thing that Dell/Microsloth just don’t get about Apple products – THEY ARE EASIER TO USE! They are also smoother to use and just more pleasant to use. Yeah, I can come up with a turd in a shoebox that can store my photos, but I’d rather use my iPhoto!

    BTW, let’s see if Paul Turd-Rot is going to hold Dell to their “prediction” of chipping away at Apple/iPod!!!

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