Apple’s iTunes Music Store set to take Europe by storm

“With more than half a million songs available at the click of a mouse, a music revolution will launch across Europe this week,” Charles Arthur reports for The Independent.

“For the iPod generation, it will be the only way to buy music. The iTunes Music Store — which has already taken America by storm — will be available to British consumers from Tuesday.
The service will be launched by the charismatic chief executive of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs, making a rare visit to London. And that will set in train a process that could see high street record shops struggling to compete within a few years. Apple aims to dominate the burgeoning online music business, which analysts expect to be worth billions of pounds in the next few years as high-speed connections become more common in the home and make downloading the multi-megabyte music files quick and painless,” Arthur reports.

“The company is already basking in the success of the American version, launched in April 2003 and which now commands 70 percent of the online market there, having sold one million tracks in its first week, and 85 million so far. The site is available only to customers with a credit card with a US billing address, excluding European buyers,” Arthur reports. “‘That’s only one percent of all legal music sales,’ said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s head of product marketing. ‘But it also represents a technological disruption, to gain one percent in just one year. And, you know, there’s a lot of headroom for us to grow into.'”

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  1. but will US users of iTunes be albe to download the UK music from UK’s iTunes? The music will be much different and i’ve been wondering if we’ll have access to their artists.

  2. my friend rolf told me that steve jobs will have a press conference with euro stars ace of base. now my friend hanz told me that sporty spice will also be there at the historic event

  3. like mike said… I wonder if the deal apple made with the european labels will allow European-only content to be sold in the US. There are a lot of interesting bands that don’t market themselves in the US.

    (Obviously, if a band has both european and US representation, then the US company should get the profits from US sales.)

  4. I like Charles Arthur, but “For the iPod generation, it will be the only way to buy music” is plainly wrong. Unless as an early adopter, I ‘m not actually part of the iPod generation. Perhaps my children are the iPod generation.

    Anyway. I’ll buy a feqw songs to try it out, but it’ll be real, tangible CDs for me.

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