MacWorld Boston snoozefest: Apple, other major exhibitors won’t be there

“Steve Jobs made clear a long time ago his Apple Computer wasn’t showing up at the Macworld Conference Expo when it moves from New York to Boston next month. Maybe Bill Gates wasn’t happy with the change either,” Keith Reed reports for MacNewsWorld.

“Dozens of former exhibitors, including software giant Microsoft, will be absent from what was once the granddaddy of technology trade shows on the East Coast. Macworld, which will return to Boston in July after an eight-year absence, has attracted 50 exhibitors so far, compared to 131 last year. Organizers said they expect the number of exhibitors to reach as many as 80 before the convention starts July 12, still 39 percent fewer than last year,” Reed reports.

“Among the previous exhibitors who aren’t on the list for Boston are Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, and many others that have significant sales to the Apple community. Macworld’s organizers and some exhibitors who are attending acknowledged yesterday that moving the convention reduced its appeal for many of the companies that helped make the event a must-attend for Macintosh enthusiasts through much of the 1990s,” Reed reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This so-called “Macworld Expo” really isn’t a Macworld; the real Macworld is in San Francisco, once a year in January. With no Steve Jobs Keynote, no Apple presence and the lack of dozens of major vendors, this thing in Boston promises to be a snoozefest. For the record, we wish the show had remained in New York, the way it was just a few years ago, with a Steve Jobs Keynote and the whole ball of wax. It was fun. Oh, well, things change.


  1. Isn’t the point of this thread to discuss the news item it’s attached to? oh well.
    WHY doesn’t anyone like Boston? what’s WRONG with boston? Is it because it’s closer to me than new york? did steve jobs think “oh, well if he’s going to show up, I don’t want to be there”? why does everyone on the planet hate ME?

  2. boston is the best city in the country, new york is a steaming pile of poo. how about giving some attention to all the east coast apple fans and come to macworld, steve; even if it is only in boston? hey, maybe its not ideal to have the convention in boston, but that doesnt mean apple cant still support it. NOMAAHHHHHH!

  3. Opening an Apple store in Bellevue, right next to Redmond, was pretty provocative on Apple’s part, so why not have a MacWorld in Redmond itself? Mac and Jack’s can be the official beer.

  4. Sorry I meant thank you… I’ve been practicing mine for years but I still can’t get it right… does anyone know if thre is a Speak and Spell program for the G5… mine is broke..!

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