Control Apple iTunes through any web browser on any platform with webRemote 2.5

Using webRemote you can control iTunes through any web browser on any platform, from another Mac, to hand-held PDA over a wireless network. This gives you ability to control your home stereo from anywhere in the house.

Starting with webRemote 2.5.0, you can play songs and playlists from shared libraries and iPods on the host computer.

webRemote 2.2.0 and above allows you to run it as a jukebox. As songs are requested they enter a que and are played in order. There is even an option to prevent people from flooding the que with the same song over and over again.

webRemote is $10 US shareware. By supporting this program, you will be able to create you own skins and the program will not close after 1 hour.

More info and download link here.


  1. niiiiice…. can you say ‘instant remote control for AirTunes?’ I knew you could

    Build in a good interface and use a pda with wifi to navigate and play yer tunes.

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    For shame, Donnie! For shame!

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