Detailed photos, specs for Apple’s AirPort Express posted

“The Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes will be available starting in July.


  1. It is on the Japan Apple Store for 15,000 yen or so. I am gonna get one for downstairs and then take it on business trips with me. If my wife misses it while I am gone I will get another.

    The other great thing abou this is that it makes it much more affordable to stay with Apple gear for a wireless set up. I am advising my little sister on an ibook and it is great that this will be available cuz she is a technophobe and so staying All Apple is the easiest way to make sure she has as few problems as possible.

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  3. If anyone is still reading this forum, can this be used as a wireless ethernet bridge for a PS2?

    If so, I’ll order one immediately. My PS2, LCD TV and home theater are in the same place.

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