Apple�s QuickTime 6 downloads pass 250 million mark in under two years

Apple today announced that more than 250 million copies of QuickTime 6 have been downloaded in less than two years since its release. QuickTime is Apple�s industry-leading, standards-based software for developing, producing and delivering high-quality audio and video over IP, wireless and broadband networks.

“QuickTime 6 is by far the most popular version of QuickTime ever distributed, with over 250 million copies downloaded and counting,” said Philip Schiller, Apple�s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing in the press release. “With QuickTime 6, Apple continues to be the industry leader in providing an end-to-end standards-based digital media delivery system.”

As the platform of choice for content creators worldwide, QuickTime delivers the full media experience for thousands of unique software titles and enhanced music CDs and over 225 digital camera models from over 50 camera manufacturers. QuickTime was chosen by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as the base file format for MPEG-4 and is at the core of the 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards.

QuickTime 6.5 includes enhanced support for 3GPP and 3GPP2 mobile networks and is available as a free download for Mac and Windows users at [url=][/url].


  1. I hate it when I have to use REAL or WMP (WVP?) instead of quicktime. The quality goes way down. And what is the deal with some sites having stuff in a windows crap format that can even be played with the Mac Version of the WMP? I think MSNBC is like that. Typical dastardly Microsoft move.

  2. the only bad thing about quicktime is that vlc kicks it ass in terms of codecs and playability.

    dont get me wrong, i love quicktime and it’s my media player of choice, but there are SO many movie files because of codec incompatibility. i always have vlc and mplayer as backups

  3. Can`t remember the last time I used QT. I almost exclusively use mplayer OS X. This app plays almost every format (.mpeg, .wma, all kinds of .avi, .ogg, .flac…). After a while I just got tired of this “Can`t find component on server…”-message.

  4. What some of you guys mean of course is that “you can’t remember the last time you used QuickTime Player”, not “the last time you used QuickTime”.

    It’s worth remembering that VLC certainly uses the QuickTime libraries for playback of .mov and other file formats, it’s just that it can also act as a Swiss Army knife for other more standards-based formats as well as those based on proprietary technologies such Windows Media.

  5. >more than 250 million copies of QuickTime 6 have been downloaded in less than two years

    Sigh… that’s 25 million Mac users plus 2 million W_users doing multiple reinstalls.

  6. I always thought that the “payload” of the iTunes “Trojan Horse” is QuickTime. The more PC users install iTunes, the more poeple install QuickTime and Microsoft doesn’t see that coming since they focused on the iTunes part.

  7. “err, i meant there are SO many movie files that i cannot play because of codec incompability…sorry, just woke up” – loop

    That is not exclusively Apple’s fault. QuickTime architecture provides ways to install codecs for other formats. For example, DIVX plays very nicely within QuickTime. Go bug certain companies for codec support or help open-source projects developing codecs if you have the skill.

  8. So will mplayer or VLC play like streaming movies from websites? My wife wants to watch some drama that is available online but can’t because the Mac version of the Windows media player won’t do it.


  9. This doesn’t really add up, unless iTunes is included. If it were true, it wouldn’t be so damned hard to find QT Player videos, such as on network news sites.

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