Steve Jobs needs to stop making predictions he can’t hit

“Well, 12 months will have elapsed on June 23, 2004, two weeks from today, and Apple has just announced their new Power Mac G5 line with the top of the line Dual 2.5GHz Power Mac G5 ‘expected to be available in July,’ according to Apple’s press release. This will put Apple’s fastest Power Mac G5 at Dual 2.0 GHz on June 23, 2004. Or exactly where they were 12 months ago when the top-of-the-line Power Mac was, you guessed it, a dual 2Ghz G5 machine,” MacDailyNews’ own SteveJack writes over in the Opinion section.

“Twelve months agos Steve Jobs also said the systems will soon get faster. ‘Within 12 months, we will be at 3GHz,’ Jobs said. ‘Believe me, this architecture has legs,'” SteveJack writes. “Steve Jobs needs a wakeup call on this idiotic prediction business he’s manufactured.”

Full article, where you can add your own feedback, in the MacDailyNews Opinion section here.

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