iTunes 4.6 with AirTunes coming this week for Mac and Windows

iTunes 4.6 is due out later this week and will be released as a free download in both Mac and Windows versions, according to Apple Computer. iTunes 4.6 will be able to automatically detect remote speakers and stream music to them securely at full quality from a distance of up to 150 feet using Apple’s AirTunes technology, Apple said. Apple today announced its AirPort Express base station which can support up to 10 simultaneous users, and the device can act as a wireless bridge with another Express or AirPort Extreme base station to extend the range of the wireless network. The AirPort Express also has a USB port for connecting to a printer, which can then be shared by all the computers on the wireless network.

“Apple has been investing heavily in both music technology and wireless, said Greg Joswiak, the company’s vice president of hardware marketing,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “‘This is a product that really combines those two worlds,’ Joswiak said.”

“Apple introduced the original 802.11g AirPort Extreme wireless base station in January 2003. Joswiak said Apple will continue to sell that $249 device, which lacks the music option but has other features, such as a built-in modem and support for up to 50 simultaneous users. However, most consumers are likely to opt for the new device, he said. ‘This will clearly become the mainstream,’ Joswiak said, adding that schools and other institutional customers in need of a wireless base station will still probably choose the original device,” Fried reports.

“The AirPort Express will work with Macs running at least Mac OS X 10.1.5, however, the AirTunes feature requires Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. PCs need Windows XP. The PC or Mac need not have an 802.11g card; AirPort Express will also work with computers that have an 802.11b card, such as the original AirPort card, Joswiak said,” Fried reports.

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  1. yea men I would love to get three for my house, since it’s a 2 family house upstairs/downstairs/fullbasement. I’m always in the basement though since I got my 42 inch tv there!! but men just when you think you wouldn’t need to spend money on something. Apple does it again and you almost alwazy doomed to be broke. A real lifestyle change indeed, but @ least the products are GREAT!!

  2. Seahawk is right – I didn’t realize I needed this until now. July seems so far away!

    I want one for the backyard as I am planning my outdoor patio & grill now. I can do a set of outdoor speakers connected to an AirPort Express which will also serve as a bridge to extend my wi-fi network into the yard. Very cool.
    I also want one for the living room and another for the master bedroom.

  3. This the first time I have seen Apple hardware with no discount on the gov’t store. The education store has it for $119.00. Even the iSight has a discount……

  4. bloody amazing!!

    Yet another reason to buy an ipod!

    Microsoft should throw in the towel in digital music business – they cant cut it against the most innovative company in thwe world!

    Because it’s got a audio port – does this mean I can plug it into my widescreen 7 speaker digital TV too and play music through my TV instead of a stereo??

    If so – then im gonna be putting my stereo on Ebay!!

  5. “Yet another reason to buy an ipod!”

    I kind of see it as a reason NOT to buy an iPod. Some folks I know bought or want the iPod as a way to plug into their stereo. Now you can bypass the iPod for that purpose.

    What this does do is give people even more reason to rip their physical CD collections. Once they’ve done so, I can see them taking the next step to an iPod for portability beyond the home wi-fi.

  6. Innovation never sleeps.
    Innovation also means R & D which costs money.
    Ever wonder what happened to the $129 you spent for Panther? This is part of it.

  7. I wonder what other features iTunes 4.6 will offer. Would I be hoping for too much if I hold my breath for an Australian iTunes Music Store? I also want to see a built-in album art download function and album art in every file sold on the ‘Store.

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