Apple to announce European iTunes Music Store on June 15th

“Apple Computer will announce next week its long-awaited European version of the iTunes online music store, sources familiar with the matter say. The announcement will be made on June 15, said sources familiar with the necessary licensing negotiations between Apple and music labels,” Bernhard Warner and Lucas van Grinsven report for Reuters.

“An Apple spokesman in Holland declined to comment on the specifics of the launch. However, Apple issued a statement on Monday that it would host a press conference in London on June 15. Apple billed the event, ‘the biggest story in music is about to get even bigger.’ Traditionally when Apple announces a new product or service, it is available straight away, adding to the speculation that the service will go live next week,” Warner and van Grinsven report.

“Apple launched iTunes in the United States over a year ago, capturing a commanding lead in the nascent market for music downloads… Noting the considerable buzz around iTunes and the growing market for Apple’s iPod digital music player, analysts expect Apple to catch rivals quickly in Europe… pple has kept the specifics of its plans in Europe a closely guarded secret. The company is expected to detail next week which countries it will serve and with how many songs,” Warner and van Grinsven report.

Full article here.

A copy of the Apple annoucement can be seen thanks to Macbidouelle here.

MacDailyNews Take: The UK is pretty much a certainty. The real question is which other Eurpoean countries will be included.


  1. i think apple has got a few more countries than the Napster deal, since apple’s been at it for a while, and got a nicer deal..

    hey wait.. what was that bit about EU not liking apple’s ‘monopoly’ potential?

    anyway.. i heard CAN. would be included.. since.. the legal stuff should be a total no-brainer (from the US.)

  2. Can iTMS sell 100,000,000 songs in one day worldwide? That would show some market dominence =)
    If its really an all out European launch and Canada too, it may well be possible. How many a day do they sell in the US alone?

  3. Buffy
    Yes iTMS can.. I buy 5000 songs this year alone ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    8 days to go. Oh boy.. can�t wait.

  4. Look for stores in England (UK), Germany and France. Each will be run as the U.S. store – buyers must have a credit card/bank account and address in the specific country. Also there’s a good possibility that the iPod mini will go on sale in those countries immediately. There’s also a chance other individual countries will be announced…… we’ll know next week (unless info leaks out).


    ZD Net is reporting:
    “Unlike the United States, where Apple pioneered and effectively defined Internet music retailing, in Europe it will be entering a brutally competitive market, which was opened up by Microsoft over the past two years”

    What does MS have to do with online music retailing? What have they “opened” up. The writer never explains this, again adding the FUD about MS innovations.

  6. FIG: Over here in Europe we have plenty of wanna-be music stores, selling Windows-media-encoded songs a la carte.
    So the writer isn’t really FUDing. Remember: no iPod minis in Europe yet, no iPod hype like in the states. Apple has to rely on those mac faithful who forcefully install iTunes on the PCs of their buddies.

  7. Canada could join in the EU ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    We get Russia, Turkey and Switzerland soon so there is room for Canada too.
    Then Norway, Greenland and Alaska would be the only small white spots on the map.
    Qu�bec would be happy too ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  8. Ipod is simply a dummy device for dummies. Europe future is music enabled cell phone. Americans are stupid to carry 2 devices when you only need one. Vodafone Live! is planning a huge Music launch which will render Ipods obsolete. Nokia, Sony Eric, Motorola are all releasing handsets with storage and technical capabilities.

  9. I wonder how Napster’s Chris Gorog is going to spin this one? Maybe something like, ‘Apple is now limiting choice to hundreds of millions of Europeans.’ ‘Europeans are not going to be happy limited to the iPod and iTunes.’

    I’ve got a few words of advice for Mr. Gorog – sell any Roxio stock options you have before they are worthless.

  10. Roxio stock is worthless already so Gorog is too late.

    Doesn�t Matter
    If Apple starts selling music to mobile telephones via iTMS Europe then it is ok.

  11. Actually, I am glad Apple is in no hurry getting their store operational in response to Napster’s move. We all know that the stumbling block in any country/region is the labels association. By taking the time to hammer out a deal, it says to me that Apple is fighting for a better deal for the end users. Apple could have easily agreed to the deal like Euro Napster’s like other services did to the Apple-RIAA deal (it’s easier to have others do the work for you). But they don’t care about being the first, just about being fair and good. IMHO.

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