Apple sold over 500,000 iPods in last 6 weeks; retail store sales to hit $2 billion in 2005

“Apple’s retail stores are expected to reach over $1 billion in revenue this year and $2 billion next year, according to prepared statements that were presented to Apple Retail employees during the company’s quarterly retail store meeting on Sunday,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Additionally, since the introduction of iTunes 4.5 in April, the company has reportedly sold more than 500,000 iPods to both Mac and PC users,” Jade reports.

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  1. The problem with PC games vs Concole games is that PC games are built for whatever the newest hardware can handle, making your machine obsolete in a year. Console games are built around the Consoles specs for like 3 or 4 years, making it a much better gaming value and it dont get viruses like Winblows. I do say I like the mouse and keyboard better than a gamepad for 1st person stuff, thats why Im hoping the Phantom does what its suppose to, play PC games w/ mouse and keyboard on a console, either that or we see some faster game porting for mac. Aspyr is doing a great job so far, and the bigger they get, the better for Mac gaming. I wish they would have struck a deal for DOOM 3 though, the G5 would be perfect machine to run that bad boy!

  2. “by the way.. gamers play console games..”
    I consider myself a gamer, I play PC games more than I play console games. Hooked on CS, ET, TFC, Far Cry. My consoles are next to the TV gathering dust. Many people my age moved from a C64 (not a dedicated console) to an Amiga or AtariST (also not dedicated consoles) to a “modern” PC, with some consoles added to the mix.

    Oh, I’ll make shure 2 write the goodest english nekst time, m’kay? bloody hell, get a life, why do people always pick on the non-native speaker?

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