Apple Retail Stores hit $1 billion mark for total sales; fastest retailer to achieve that mark

A wide-ranging group of technology industry leaders gathered this week at an exclusive conference to exchange views of new developments surrounding ‘all things digital.’ Larry Kramer, chairman of, was on hand and provided firsthand reports from the event.

Steve Jobs, chairman of Apple Computer “used his appearance to introduce a new gadget called AirPort Express, a portable wireless base station the size of an iPod. Plug the unit into an electrical outlet, and PC or Mac users can connect to the Web or send data to any wireless device, including transmitting digital music through a home stereo system,” Larry Kramer reports for CBS MarketWatch.

“The crowd broke into applause as Jobs did a demo, which allows music to be broadcast from iPods to other devices around the house. The base station will launch in July for $129,” Kramer reports. “Jobs announced that retail stores operated by Apple Computer have reached the $1 billion mark for total sales. He said that makes Apple, which opened its first stores in May 2001, the fastest retailer to achieve the mark, with the previous record held by Old Navy, part of Gap.”

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  1. “which allows music to be broadcast from iPods”

    Ummm…not unless they’re going wireless. Which would be cool.

    Wonder if they have plans to incorporate video into these Express things. Cause it would be nice to be able to preview iMovie stuff without having to burn DVDs.

  2. Did I miss something? – “allows music to be broadcast from iPods to other devices around the house”. Presumably, via a connected wireless equipped laptop? Or has steve got a wireless dock up his sleeve for the iPod?

  3. Not that aol “if Macs werent so expesive argument”…

    Put it this way ‘YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET!”

    To put it straight – it has been proven time and time again (yawn!!) that Macs are cheaper than windows machines to run. IT departments dont need so many staff to maintain a mac network (1 mac IT guy to 30 Windows IT guys ratio).

    Macs don’t depreciate in value as fast as windows machines and Mac users tend to replace/upgrade their machines around 4years as apposed to every 6months to a year for windows pcs (because windows pcs normally breakdown after a year anyway).

    There you go – if youve got $799 get a Mac:

  4. once again Petey, you failed to recognize sarcasim. I know this time was hard cause that big ol’ word that starts with an “s” has a lot of sylables and is hard to read…

  5. Following on from Sara�

    How come MSFT doesn’t feel the need to copy the products of Toto further down the article – surely it would be a better brand fit. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Gates is forcing his partners to build a better music player but even though they could be better than Apple’s iPod the iPod has such a strong hold on the market that another company would have a hard time to take a large portion of the mp3 player. You can buy an iPod at a best buy target and soon other store like walmart kmart and with that type of store recognition and the name sake that the iPod have the other players are going to have a hard time keeping up even if another company makes a better player.
    Also Hollywood and New York has bought into the iPod and that’s something that no other company has going for them except for Apple.

  7. Toto is truly high tech — nuthin’ targets an a$$hole more accurately than a Toto. The only thing Toto needs is an iPod dock and a$$hole jack. Plug the iPod, engage the jack and exquisite stereo sound comes out of your ears. If M$ came out with a unit like Toto, you’d be forever cleaning chocolate from the walls.

  8. Also in the article: “Jobs, ever eager to take on a new marketing challenge, also wants to help John Kerry’s presidential campaign. He said he can lend a hand with getting the campaign message out because he knows “something about advertising.”

    I think we all know that isn’t true, but maybe Steve can help JFK by showing him how not to advertise, since Kerry improves in the polls when he keeps his mouth shut.

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