Over a year late, Microsoft tries to match Apple’s iTunes with Windows Media Player 10

“The next version of Microsoft Corp’s Windows Media Player looks set to be the company’s answer to Apple Inc’s iTunes and RealNetworks Inc’s music services, featuring a built-in music and movie store for the first time,” Computer Business Review Online reports. “Microsoft released a “technical beta” of WMP 10 this week, and said it features a streamlined interface and a Digital Media Mall comprised of storefronts provided by partners Napster LLC, MusicNow LLC and CinemaNow Inc. The company is also saying that WMP simplifies the process of transferring tracks from PCs to portable devices and synchronizing playlists. WMP 10 will automatically detect compatible devices and synchronize via a new Multimedia Transfer Protocol.”

Computer Business Review Online reports, “The launch looks like Microsoft’s effort to mimic the recent runaway successes of Apple, which has seen its iPod playback devices become something of a cultural event, while its iTune’s store sold 70 million songs in its first year of operation.”

MacDailyNews Take: Over a year late, and with the usual too many cooks in the kitchen (as is Wintel’s wont), will another cobbled-together mismash overtake Apple’s elegant, simple solution that just works so well?


  1. MacDailyNews Take: Over a year late, and with the usual too many cooks in the kitchen (as is Wintel’s wont), will another cobbled-together mismash overtake Apple’s elegant, simple solution that just works so well?

    Won’t matter, M$FT will just muscle a win through sheer volume as always.

  2. what worries me is the movie store. i don’t something like that being real useful in the immediate future, but if microsoft starts it now and then just sticks around (which they can afford to do), then they’ll have a leg up on the next big thing for commercial digital media…

  3. movie store.. yea.. as broadband becomes better/more mainstream.. truly.. DL time is a pain for movies.. and DVD’s have extra features which are nice and won’t come with these ‘rentals’ presumably…

    anyway.. seen the WMP 10.. and think, ugh.. thank GOD apple made iTUnes for windows.. you see.. this bundling of WMP is actually not allowed anymore.. or is that just in Europe..

    anyway… itunes is free and automatically on all HP/Founder PC’s.. nice huh?

  4. what bothers me is that if apple hadn’t done anything like the itunes music store, microsoft wouldn’t have even given a crap. surely everyone knows this already, but microsoft is completely devoid of thinking independently and innovating on its own.

    if apple started selling chipmunks MS would jump on the bandwagon.

  5. the problem is that WMP will be on ALL PCs, whereas Apple iTunes will be on two companies’ PCs. It’s good that MS is so late though since Apple has sold so many iPods to PC users.

    of course, Apple could sue MS (again) for bundling their music store software on all PCs. they would probably win. i think everyone is sick of microsoft

  6. “If apple started selling chipmunks there would be a 2 month waiting list.”

    Now see, that’s some funny shit right there!

    I downloaded the WMP Tech Beta and, honestly, I’m not impressed. It’s just a glorified, souped up Media Player and nothing else really. It’s still only a beta but alot of peoples impressions are defined on WMP so M$ is going to have a hard time trying to convince people it’s worth it.

  7. WMP 10 will not help MSFT’s case in Europe at all and will probably force them to bundle iTunes with WIndows at least in Europe. In the US, it would be foolish for a PC distributor not to bundle iTunes, especially with the popularity of the iPod.

    As far as Movies goes, don’t forget that Apple has the number 1 Movie trailer site on the Internet period. They’ve already bundled movie trailers and Music Video’s with iTunes as well. How big of a step do you thing it would be for them to put a “Buy Now” button on there? Maybe at least for DVDs and later for downloads. A partnership with Amazon would be the smart thing to do.

  8. apple probably could sue them if they bundle thier new music service with every operating system they sell, and probably win….but then we would loose 2 things, microsoft office and virtual pc…that we cannot afford to loose.

    best leave it up to napster and rhapsody to sue them lol

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