Current Target catalog features x86 laptop running Mac OS X

Very weird. The most-recent Target catalog MacDailyNews received by snail-mail is entitled, “Shop for Pop” and it focuses on electronics. On pages 12 and 13, there are nice big features on Apple iPod and accessories. But, that’s not what’s weird; we all know that Target sells iPods.

The weird thing is that Target also seems to be selling to world’s only available Intel/AMD machine with Mac OS X preloaded. Or, at the very least, this thick, heavy-looking chunk of consumer-grade tech ships with a desktop background featuring the Apple logo. Check out this scan of page 9 of the Target catalog (it’s not yet online in Target’s weekly ad section):

The text reads, "If your computer looks like it’s on life support, with wires and cables running, spilling this way and that, go wireless and watch the cables disappear. Wireless systems free you from more than just cords and cables; they free you to work anywhere you want. Just plug in your new base station and take your laptop to the kitchen, or move the desktop to the rec room – once you’re wireless, there’s no telling where you might end up."

Now we just have to decide what’s weirder, that the x86 laptop has an Apple logo plastered onto its screen or that the guy has a picket fence up against a wall painted with blue sky and clouds. Regardless of the strange wall/fence thing, we have to hand it to the digital artist responsible, it’s a pretty nice move to stick that not-too-subtle Apple logo on there (guess what type of computer the artist was using to create the catalog), especially since the page is full of Microsoft products. Too bad Target sells only Windows computers.

For fun, put your cursor on the Apple. If you have Zoom turned on, hold Command, Option, and click the + sign to check out the detail (Command,Option, and the – sign) zooms out. If you have Zoom off, then use Command, Option, * (asterisk) which toggles Zoom on and off.

MacDailyNews Take: LOL! “If your computer looks like it’s on life support…” Well, it did before we booted it up and found it runs Mac OS X. It might look like upchuck, but it sure has some serious uptime!


  1. MDN – Got a link for us?

    On a sidenote: I went into slumberland yesterday, and was looking at funiture, and as I was walking past the desks I noticed something that I was more than a little shocked by. You know how when in furniture stores there are just fake plastic mockups to make it more realistic? Well, on the desks, of course the had what looked like computer monitors which were on with a desktop. Well, the desktop was Mac OS X!!! I took a double shot – they had Photoshop, Illustrator, and Freehand and some other icons like iPhoto and others that I didn’t recognize… That was so cool I thought! No windows to be seen at all. There were alot of fake monitors all with the same fake screen…

  2. Also, I am pretty sure that ad was done in Minnespolis – Target HQ – and the Twin Cities is 2nd in numbers of graphic artists in the country. LA is the first.

    Alot of designers up here …. : )

    (including me … )

  3. That Command, Option, * (asterisk) things isn’t working for me. Am I missing something?

    Maybe it’s running that new emulator, which would explain the big smile on the man’s face even though he’s running a PC box. =)

  4. Command, Option, * once turns Zoom on if it’s off or off if it’s on. It toggles between on and off states. You’re probably turning it off and then trying to Command, Option, + (zoom in). Try hitting Command, Option, * once and then trying to zoom, if it doesn’t work, hit the combination again to turn it on and Zoom should work just fine. Or just go to System Preferences’ Universal Access and click “Turn on Zoom” as a last resort. You need Jaguar or higher, I believe.

  5. Hmm… best I can make out in Photoshop is:

    “Windows Base Station …. It even improves your computer’s security while you surf the net. 49.99

  6. JJ…
    The graphics industry is the second largest industry in Minnesota…ag is first.
    That includes printers, agencies, paper mills, etc.
    And almost all use Macs ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  7. It’s rather funny too that they’re pushing the now discontinued MS Wi-Fi crap. I manage a hotspot with hundreds of users, and the MS Wi-Fi cards and software is the worst.

  8. I see this sort of thing all the time in office furniture catalogs and TV commercials where PC’s are shown with simulated screen images from a Mac.

  9. Yeah, they do this sort of thing all the time for ads. I think it’s mostly because the Mac interface is much cleaner, simpler, and pleasing to look at.

    Most people won’t even notice that it’s a Mac screen shot…but they’ll know it looked nice.

  10. And when will Apple’s lawyers slap a copyright infringement suit on Target for using their logo without permission? Or do they get out from underneath that possibility with the usual blanket “all product images are copyright their own respective companies” statement?

  11. I’m currently visiting Lima Peru and there’s a major retail chain of stores here named ‘Ripley’… a catalog comes out about once a month from them featuring recent specials. May’s version had approximately two dozen Toshiba, IBM, HP/Compaq, Packard Bell, Sony systems, desktops and laptops, and every single photo had a Mac OSX desktop plastered on the monitor. I wish I kept the catalog, I’d scan in a few screenshots for you, it was pretty amusing and not at all subtle.

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