Computerworld: Apple ‘has really hit its stride’ with 15-inch PowerBook

“For the past two weeks or so, I’ve had my hands on the latest incarnation of Apple Computer Inc.’s midrange, bread-and-butter PowerBook, the new 15-in. model unveiled in mid-April. And with this version of its sleek aluminum laptops, Apple has really hit its stride,” Ken Mingis writes for Computerworld.

“If the 12-in. PowerBook is too small (or too slow), and the 17-in. PowerBook is too big (it can’t be too fast — right?), then the 15-in. model is probably just right. Speedy? Check. The 1.5-GHz processor shows its stuff in day-to-day tasks. Versatile? Very much so. With AirPort Extreme now incorporated across the PowerBook line, wireless connections are made easy. The SuperDrive allows for easy CD and DVD burning. The backlit keyboard is useful in dimly lit places. Portable? You bet. You get a bright and clear 1,280-by-854-pixel widescreen LCD, full-size (and solid-feeling) keyboard, all in a package that weighs 5.7 lb.,” Mingis writes. “Add to that the fact that Apple dropped the price of the faster of its two 15-in. models by $100, to $2,499, and what’s not to love?”

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  1. I have a 17″ iMac 800mhz at work (at least until my lazy-ass IT guy decides to open the G5 box that’s been sitting in the back room for a MONTH!) and a 667 TiBook at home. Honestly, the TiBook seems a lot faster to me. The front end bus is the only thing better so that makes me really eager to get my hands on the G5.

  2. I have had a Sony Vaio Picturebook for awhile, but it was gathering dust on my shelf until I got it down and brought it back to life with Windows XP.

    Man, man oh man … what a barracuda! I’d truly forgotten just how much Windows sucks. Forever loading the software, tens upon ten upon ten of patches, and repatches, and updated repatches. Buggy, real buggy too.

    There are still some tasks I still must do on a PeeCee, and Virtual Windows was, is and most probably never will be acceptable. The VPC program has been an utter failure from the gitgo except very recently and only with those who have the very fastest Macs to crunch that behemoth.

    The Vaio went back on the shelf, and I am back with my 20th Anniversary Macintosh (still, still has the best sound system of any computer ever with its Bose system), my still-too-cool Cube my trusty Wallstreet Powerbook, and from time to time I buy (then resell) a 17″ Aluminum Powerbook.

    I do wish Apple would someday may a Powerbook the size of the Vaio Picturebook (less than half the size of the 12″ PB). Its perfect for travelling, and could handle most desktop and home tasks when hooked up to a keyboard and monitor. I give Sony that much credit. But no more.

    Dang, and even got my Newton to work on my Airport system here in my home.

  3. 20th Anniversary Mac is the only computer that has life Time warranty.
    New VPC should have been ready long time ago. Then again Microsoft needs time to transfer all the bugs to Mac too ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> ?

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