Computerworld: Apple ‘has really hit its stride’ with 15-inch PowerBook

“For the past two weeks or so, I’ve had my hands on the latest incarnation of Apple Computer Inc.’s midrange, bread-and-butter PowerBook, the new 15-in. model unveiled in mid-April. And with this version of its sleek aluminum laptops, Apple has really hit its stride,” Ken Mingis writes for Computerworld.

“If the 12-in. PowerBook is too small (or too slow), and the 17-in. PowerBook is too big (it can’t be too fast — right?), then the 15-in. model is probably just right. Speedy? Check. The 1.5-GHz processor shows its stuff in day-to-day tasks. Versatile? Very much so. With AirPort Extreme now incorporated across the PowerBook line, wireless connections are made easy. The SuperDrive allows for easy CD and DVD burning. The backlit keyboard is useful in dimly lit places. Portable? You bet. You get a bright and clear 1,280-by-854-pixel widescreen LCD, full-size (and solid-feeling) keyboard, all in a package that weighs 5.7 lb.,” Mingis writes. “Add to that the fact that Apple dropped the price of the faster of its two 15-in. models by $100, to $2,499, and what’s not to love?”

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  1. Although the 15″ is one stunning piece of aluminium computer, I still prefer the 12″. It’s just so perfectly compact for something with everything on board.

    Best computer I’ve ever owned. Mind you, I bet 15″ owners say the same. A PowerBook is a PowerBook is a PowerBook.

  2. Dave H,

    I agree, my 12″ iBook is the coolest machine I’ve ever owned. I wish I had a 12″ PB, but I’m not that rich (yet ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I would love the 12″. I’ve drooled over my friend’s PB. The one thing that held me back from getting one is resolution. I wish it did 1200X1024. It would then be perfect in my opinion. 1024X768 is too small for me.

  4. Gotta love my PB 17! As a desktop replacement, it can’t be beat (the lightest Windows laptops are 9.9 lbs compared to 6.9 lbs for the PB!!!).
    But, of course, to each his own (Mac, that is).

  5. My 17” has been the greatest machine I’ve ever used or seen. I use it for everything both in the MS world as a systems Admin and in the development world. I can’t imagine how I ever worked without it…..

  6. I think the 12″ is sexy but I use my laptop as my main computer so really need at least 15″ at least or would have to screw around hooking up a monitor (which costs some bucks too). It WOULD be cool to have it all set up so I could just close my PB (the new lid closed run feature) and have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and a big display. If I ever hit the lottery I will have to consider it.

    The new 15″ PBs I lust after but am going to gut it out on my 15″ 667 Tibook til the G5 laptop comes out.

  7. When my 15″, 1.5 GHz Powerbook arrived last week, I finally threw out my office 17″ iMac. I got an iCurve stand for the powerbook and everything is done and stored on this beautiful to-go package. No more synchronizing of folders and projects!
    I loved my old 867 TiBook, but the new one is just amazing.
    Now, if I were commuting on the train, I would consider the 12″. The 17″ would be the perfect desktop. But the 15″ serves both purposes, so I’m happy.
    I always thought that the keyboard of the Wallstreet was the best I ever had; the TiBook’s keys were a bit too springy for my palate. With the AlBook, the keyboard is just phantastic. I love typing with it.

  8. I’d love to have a PowerBook. My iBook’s logic board has just died. Again. Just like many others. But the PowerBook will have to wait. The PowerMac is next on my agenda.

  9. >You THREW OUT your 17″ iMac????!!!!!!!!
    Well, to be exact, I gave it to a colleague who was still slaving on a beige G3. But it’s been banned from my office. Let’s face it: the G4/800 iMac couldn’t hold a candle to the 867 TiBook, much less to the 1.5 GHz AlBook. And with Classic programs running, it would sometimes slow down to a crawl. Never had this problem with the powerbooks or with the G4/500 b/w I’m using at home. It’s a great design, but it’s not a very fast computer.

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