Apple releases AirPort Extreme Driver 3.4.2

Apple has released AirPort Extreme Driver 3.4.2. Apple’s notes say the software “provides improved AirPort Extreme wireless networking software and is recommended for all customers with an AirPort Extreme enabled computer.” The software features “enhanced networking reliability during certain memory intensive operations.”

The 752KB update is available via Mac OS X’s Software Update.


  1. Your GOLD STAR is in the mail….now sit by the mailbox and wait. Remember to stand about 3ft into the street while you wait and keep your eyes closed and don’t move until it arrives.

  2. Back on topic, I’ve installed the update. My Cisco Aironet in the office with WEP works, but I can’t speak for my Netgear WPA access point until I get home.

  3. Windows XP Bedevils Wi-Fi Users,1282,63705,00.html


    “It will and does lose connection for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and then picks it up again, seemingly randomly,” Gilmore said. “At first, it was so aggravating. And now, it’s considered a normal factor of working with Windows.”

    There is a way of getting lost Wi-Fi connections going again, but it involves going deep into XP’s settings every time the problem arises, Fleishman said. And the fix could be a nightmare for people like Gilmore, who don’t want less-advanced users mucking around with the guts of the operating system.

  4. After 10.3.4 update, I have to manually reselect the Airport connection every 24 hr. When the counter clicks over the 24 hr mark, it disconnects the link to the Airport. I hope this fixes it, as it’s starting to really annoy me!

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