Alias debuts SketchBook Pro for Mac OS X due to volume of requests for Mac version

“Maya maker Alias has announced that its SketchBook Pro software is now available for Mac OS X. SketchBook Pro is a sketching and annotation software application that works with pen tablets. A trial version is available for download; a license costs $179 (around


  1. AutoCAD…. while they have not ported it to the Mac lets hope they follow Maya’s route and looked at what the Mac can do for the App and the user… they should not follow SPSS’s route which is an example of a port that served to kill any demand for the product by Mac users… once we got our hands on “SPSS: porting Window’s look n’ clunk” we realized that there are ports designed to grow the market and there are ports designed to destroy non Wintel users ability to integrate. I wonder if it is mid-level software engineering managers that seek to demonstrate to their bosses that their Windoze only focus is correct–sabotage could be an even better word….

  2. Arrrgh!!!! SPSS is salty vinegar in my wound to switch some more PCs to Macs. SPSS’s Mac version is like a redheaded stepchild. Since we absolutely need SPSS, and one other Windows-only application (not AutoCAD), we are stuck.

    Ooohh the burning.

  3. It is not necessary to have AutoCAD running in OS X. It runs well with virtual pc and the other crossplatform programs are much better, (ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, even Illustrator with cad tools is better than AutoCAD)

  4. I only use CAD for basic b&w scaled line drawings and the apps I’ve tried so far are so bloated that I’m sticking with the ancient Claris CAD. I love my legacy software — so lean, clean and fast.

  5. I have heard good ravings about SketchUp in substitution for AutoCAD. I cannot tell you if thats a good idea or not. Never used either one. (However, I have seen SketchUp in person and it looks damn easy!)

  6. I think this app works real well! very responsive.. ALIAS MAKE AN ALIAS VERSION OF PAINTER!… I WOULD BUY IT! seems to work and repsond a little faster than Painter. thanks! OR YOU GUYS COULD BUY PAINTER AND REMAKE IT!!!

  7. A $179 doodle-ing toy, for your mac “toys” is hardly progress towards
    ACAD (retail $3999) or Microstation ($4500) Viz ($2599) or Max ($3599), you Mac fag throat sausage lovers.

  8. Sketchbook is great.
    I have used it on the PC, but I am purchasing a copy at Siggraph for my Powerbook. The demo is pretty much full featured and with a tablet it just rocks.
    It is not a replacement for Painter or Photoshop, it is not a vector based program like Illustrator/Freehand. Most importantly it is not for “doodling”. It is a pretty powerful drawing tool that works really FAST.

  9. An engineering friend has used the lack of AutoCAD as the primary excuse for not switching. Regardless of whether or not its the best, its what people demand. As long as its not on Mac, people who demand AutoCAD won’t be switching.

  10. I suppose another reason for making SketchBook Pro available for the Mac is that the tablet PC has bellyflopped! Recoding it for OSX allows the folks at Alias to recoup their losses. Hmmm, there may be a lesson here. Perhaps it isn’t that difficult or painful to code software for OSX after all. Maybe other developers will take notice. One can only hope!

    I can’t say that I’m favorably impressed with AutoCAD. To me, it’s clumsy and its command-line interface is ancient. That is why I prefer to use Vectorworks. Vectorworks is a very capable drafting application. I have had no problems importing AutoCAD files, making modifications, and exporting them back. It is amazing that people will use ANY excuse to justify their decision with AutoCAD.

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