Ten things Apple did to make Mac OS X faster

Amit Singh for kernelthread.com discusses ten things that Apple did (beyond initial/fundamental OS design and implementation) to improve Mac OS X’s performance. Some of these are simply good ideas and obvious candidates for implementation; some are guidelines or tools for developers to help them create high-performance applications, while some are proactive attempts at extracting performance from strategically chosen quarters. Consider the following a sampling of such optimizations, in no particular order:

– BootCache
– Kernel Extensions Cache
– Hot File Clustering
– Working Set Detection
– On-the-fly Defragmentation
– Prebinding
– Helping Developers Create Code Faster
– Helping Developers Create Faster Code
– Journaling in HFS Plus
– Instant-on

Full article, a great read if you’re into this sort of stuff, here.


  1. Chuckie C., in everyone’s life, they learn this simple lesson:

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  2. Based on the time difference between Chuckie C and the real first poster I find it hard to believe that Chuckie didn’t know he was not the first poster. I’m thinking he did it to rile people up and it seems to have worked.

  3. the instant wake from sleep works for my 366 g3 ibook and 600 g3 imac, but not my 17″ flat panel imac. on that one it takes a few seconds to orient itself. whats up with that?

  4. This is the End!
    Technical stuff and nothing about WMP.
    MDN has lost it really bad.

    Interesting article though. I could get used to this kind of articles.

  5. My 17″ flat panel iMac wakes instantly but sometimes it takes up to three minutes for the clock to correct itself. I thought perhaps that was because I had it set to sync to the net clock, but it still does it even without. My TiBook doesn’t have this problem. It’s clock typically updates in a matter of seconds from sleep.

    On an unrelated note, what the hell is with all the first post BS? I swear to God, there’s more idiotic discussion over who had the first post than there is about MDN’s stories these days. Is everyone who visits this site suddenly 12 years old?

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