MacTheRipper 2.0 released, freeware DVD extractor for Mac OS X

MacTheRipper is a freeware DVD ripper (extractor) for Mac OS X. It is dependent upon the open-sourced GPL libdvdread and libdvdcss libraries. According to the developer, “We also use the GPL ‘tocgen’ program in certain modes, which is a part of the ‘dvdauthor’ project. This product is made to backup DVDs you have legally purchased for personal use. Any copyright infringing activity you choose to perpetrate using this application is illegal, wrong, and beyond our control.”

“That being said, MacTheRipper removes CSS encryption, Macrovision protection, and sets the disc’s region code to ‘0’ for region-free by default, and is capable of removing RCE region protection as well, making an unrestricted copy of any DVD movie you own. It doesn’t rely on the DVD drive to get the CSS decryption keys, so that means that you do not need to play the DVD with DVD Player in order to rip it to your hard drive unprotected. MTR is also capable of removing UOPs, or User Operation Prohibitions, which are the settings that prevent you from skipping or fast-forwarding certain parts of DVDs, such as FBI warnings, previews, logos, intros, etc.”

More info and download link here.


  1. I hate having to wait for the intros and logos etc. This is good for that reason alone. I can also buy DVDs for my kids without worrying that they’ll get scratched to hell because they can use the backup instead.

    I’ll be downloading this when I get home.

  2. Wow, what a flashback. In 1984 or so, there was a clipart package for the original Mac called Mac The Ripper. It had a lot of fun clipart in it, and you could do a lot of fun things with MacPaint. It really showed what the future of Cut/Paste and WYSIWYG was going to be on computers. Prior to that, amateur layout like that was impossible.

  3. I have a couple of DVD’s that force you to watch the previews. You cannot access the DVD Menu without first skipping through all the BS. That in itself is annoying.

    Hollywood brings it on themselves.

    I’ll be trying this sweet tool tonight ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Just wondering, does anyone think that this could possibly be scrapped? Being able to break all of these User Operation Prohibitions and things seems like something that could easily be prosecuted via lawsuit.

  5. Don’t forget to get DVD2oneX at It’s not free but well worth the money.

    It allows you to take the finished product from Mac the Ripper and extract just the movie (without extras) along with the audio tracks and captioning that you choose. It then compresses, if needed, the movie to fit on a single layer DVD.

  6. And this Mike is gonna rip those sphincters at RIAA a new masshole.

    I’m going to work night and day to get this into the hands of anyone with a Mac and lots of DVDs.

    Payback time, RIAA ….. yiiiihaaaa

  7. “And this Mike is gonna rip those sphincters at RIAA a new masshole.

    I’m going to work night and day to get this into the hands of anyone with a Mac and lots of DVDs.

    Payback time, RIAA ….. yiiiihaaaa”

    Umm… the RIAA has nothing to do with DVDs. It’s the Recording Industry Association of America, ie; music. Movies aren’t their business.

    I wonder why people who make such a big deal about the having the moral high ground when they pirate media are always so incoherent and uninformed.

  8. Tested it. It works. Splendid. This means I buy DVDs for my kids instead of VHS. VHS is far more durable in the hands of my infants. DVDs get wrecked really quickly because they never make it back into the case.

    Now I’ll copy the DVD and put it onto a blank for them, keeping the original safe and out of harms way.

  9. Making a DVD-Video dick in toast stripped all the menu stuff, though it still played the movie OK. I think an image with the VIDEO_TS folder etc in the right place is needed and then a disc copy it to the DVD.

    I might try that tonight.

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