Pepsi Australia gives away an iPod an hour from May 31 to July 11

Pepsi Australia has announced the “Win an iPod every hour” promotion. From the Pepsi Australia website:

On the hour every hour of everyday from midnight May 31 to midnight July 11, 2004, a Pepsi drinker will be jiving away with their own new 15GB Apple iPod valued at $449 (AUS)!

To enter you simply buy a promotional 600ml Pepsi, Pepsi Mak, or Pepsi Light, and then SMS in the unique code on the back of your label. On the hour a winner will be drawn only from the wntries received in that hur, and the winner immediately sent an SMS telling them that they’ve won!

More info here.


  1. The optimist might think this is a precursor to the iTMS

    but a realist wouldn’t dare…

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  2. I liked the US promotion better if they could only have gotten the logistics right. But BOTH are moot since they are not offered in Japan.

    Oh by the way, what is with all the typos MDN? In a hurry on this one?

  3. That’s the kind of promotion the phone companies in Japan ought to be doing. They’d more than recoup their costs from SMS fees. Say, 10 iPods per hour? Ooops, don’t tell SONY.

  4. Sounds like a reasonable promotion … but I daresay I can’t (allow myself) to drink enough Pepsi to win … a pity they couldn’t choose something healthier … then again I do prefer Pepsi (more fizz) to Coke (more sugar) … mainly for the caffeine … I’m hooked on it because of computing … 😎

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