Washington Post: Sony’s internet music service ‘is an embarrassment to the company that gave the wor

“If anybody can get Internet music downloads right, it should be Sony. The company has years of experience selling records, consumer electronics and personal computers


  1. They’ll get better at version 2. Of course, by then we’ll be seeing fifth generation iPods and the iTMS will be another order of magnitude improved…

  2. get better at version 2??!

    the whole point is to get ppl entrenched in atrac format!!! if ppl are turned off by version ONE, they’ll check out the competition.. and.. ehm.. either WMA or AAC/FairPlay..

  3. I for one was dead wrong about Sony. I thought of all the competitors services, that Sony wouold present the biggest challenge to Apple. Well, happy to be wrong – I guess Microsoft is up to bat…

  4. No no wait! this was supposed to tbe to iTunes killer or was it?
    in 20 years from now, Apple will be what Sony is today (or better) and we’ll call Apple, the iPod inventor.
    And I’ll be proud to say “I bought the first and thrist iPod Generation”

  5. Sometimes articles are syndicated or re-printed by other newspapers days/weeks after the initial publication. This is not different. Notice that the link brings you to The Seattle Times while the writer writes for The Washington Post. MDN sometimes missed the original publication or sometimes link to an article twice. With the daily updates, it’s understandable.

  6. Good, we really didn’t want Sony to succeed anyway.

    There’s only room for one portable music player, that’s the iPod.

    Now only if Apple could come up with iStereo, (with a iPod dock) that one didn’t need a full fledged computer to download music.

    They could sell millions more to all the folks who just don’t like computers or need one.

  7. geek conner told me i could plaly my atrac tunes on my ipod. i have to pay him my lunch money for the next two weeks because hes writing me custom software

  8. Sony’s dominance in the portable music market has been dead for a while. People reminiscing over it speak of the ancient “walkman” like it means something now. Sony is too segmented as a company to make anything cool. If Sony ever drops the A8TRAC format they are committed to, they may have a chance to sell something.

    From where I’m at, people don’t seem to understand that the iPod works fabulous with Windows. I had a friend w/ 2 earlier Sony mp3 players who when I mentioned of the iPod thought it was for PC’s only. Apple should keep the advertisements coming with a VOICE OVER stating “works perfect for both Mac and PC systems”. PC ignorance is dominant for the average joe interested in iPods but not in the computer industry in general. Alot of people have a first impression that iPod only works with macs. Something on Apple’s end to work on.

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