Report: Apple could eventually open more than 100 retail stores helping grow Mac market share

“Apple could eventually open more than 100 stores, including a store in China, according to Sr. vice-president for Retail Ron Johnson,” ifoAppleStore reports. “Johnson revealed that fact during a talk with financial analysts from stock broker Merrill Lynch, which then issued an enthusiastic and positive analysis of Apple’s retail operation on May 26th, and forecast that Apple’s stock price could increase to $32 over the next 12 months. ‘The company made the difficult decision to invest for the future even as earnings fell apart; now Apple is benefiting,’ the stock report said.”

ifoAppleStore reports., “In the 8-page financial analysis of Apple, M-L first vice president Steven Milunovich wrote that he met with Apple’s incoming CFO Peter Oppenheimer, VP of iApps Eddy Cue, and Sr.V-P of Retail Ron Johnson, and ‘came away impressed with the marriage of creativity and discipline at the new Apple.’ He added, ‘Expansion overseas is expected with London and Osaka in process, Canada likely, and China being considered.'”

“Milunovich said the ‘lessons learned’ so far with the retail operation include: the best locations for high traffic, the effectiveness of a smaller store, and the need for greater staffing given more traffic than expected. Johnson told him that there are 20,000 people on the waiting lists to work at Apple’s stores,” ifoAppleStore reports. “Milunovich said, ‘The retail stores provide some evidence for increased switching to Macs.’ Interest in iPods is boosting store traffic, he wrote. ‘Apple believes that at least 50% of its store sales are incremental. In addition, about half of Mac buyers are new to Apple. This provides some proof of the


  1. a headless imac means it comes with no processor and you have your aftermarket choice. pick either ibm, motorola, amd, intel, or proctor processors.

  2. and noww fith post heheh


    when will apple make an imac that has dual processors and a 23inch wide screen

    with the price of only 2grand?

  3. headless means without a monitor. imagine an imac or emac without a screen. apparently the idea is that it would be $x cheaper without that component and would allow you to use whatever size or model of screen you prefer.

    all the pro macs (apart from powerbooks) are headless, however they are much more expensive.

    the cube is an example of a headless mac, although it cost as much as a G4 tower at the time and did not have any of the advantages of a tower… that is the main reason it failed and was withdrawn, that along with the reported cracks in the case which were actually molding lines from the manufacturing process.

    i personally would like to see a headless consumer machine, as i think that it would make it more attractive to most businesses who already have lots of big expensive monitors available. even if it costs the same as an emac, or fractionally less, i think they would sell well. apple will not do this as they can make more of a margin including a crt or tft than without.

  4. Somehow, the thought of a sleek and sexy new (although only theorhetical at this point) headless iMac attached to a beige 15″ Shamrock monitor just doesn’t appeal to me. I think Apple would have to design and make a newlow cost monitor to go along with the new headless iMac. My feeling is that doing so would clutter up the product line.

  5. Hubert –

    Um, no – that is NOT what a headless Mac is. A current mac only will sell with an IBM processor. What the hell are you thinking when you say you can put in an Intel?! Mac deosn’t even run on Intel!

    A headless iMac means, well like the Macintosh Cube….

  6. Then you’ve been had. Headless means monitor is not included, i.e. not all-in-one computer. Apple in the past provide both headless Macs as well as AiO models for the consumer market (Mac LC and Performa). But, bad managements coupled with bad inventory control almost killed Apple. The current situation is the result of simplifications in the product line and was necessary to save Apple then. IMHO, the time may be just right to expand the product line. Apple is doing well and they should go after switchers hard.

  7. hubert, you are almost right but a headless iMac is just the screen. You see, the iMac has no body, just the head(cpu) i.e. the dome and the screen.
    Then a headless iMac is the screen only and you may screw it on top of any computer you like: maximum flexibility.

  8. <fume>I’m sure I’d just said all that. Come on guys if you want to pretend I’m not here I won’t bother posting anymore.</fume>

    Otherwise, Hubert keep on taking advice from geeks in the corner of computer stores ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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