Apple’s eMac such a good value with excellent Mac OS X, great software bundle

Apple’s eMac has made a strong impression on The Advertiser’s Chris Oaten.

“Now boasting a 1.25GHz G4 processor with 512K L2 cache and 256Mb PC2700 DDR SDRAM, together with an 80Gb hard drive and SuperDrive, the new eMac offers a sturdy desktop machine,” Oaten writes. “In hardware terms, it is rapidly approaching parity with the iMac line


  1. Nothing to say here, except I’m pushing for an eMac for our Residen’ts Association. 1GHz model, unless anyone can convince me the extra is worth it for the latest.


  2. We have a few eMacs in my school, and aside from the weight issue (they’re 50 lbs.), these machines are nothing short of AWESOME!!

    This is an EXCELLENT ‘switchers/adders’ computer.

  3. Totally agree — eMac is one fantastic machine. CRTs are obsolete but I hear nothing but good things about the eMac’s screen. For basic home computing, this would be a machine that could liberate switchers from the tyranny of Windoze security and instability issues. That said, I expect the next iMac to be awesome so I’ll wait for that and Tiger.

  4. DaveH – The biggest difference that drew me to the 17″ iMac (with 160GB HD, 512 MB Ram) instead of the top-o-the-line eMac was the greater range of possibilities with screen resolution on the flat panel (which are more limited in the eMac). Other than that and the fact that the iMac is a flat panel and the eMac is a CRT, the two are pretty much similar in capability with the processor. If you’re willing to give up the frame rates & screen resolution on a flat panel, then go for the eMac.

  5. Serge, the basic high-end eMac is US$999, but reaches about $1400 all tricked out at the top of the line. The 17-inch iMac starts at $1799, but ends up being just over $2000 with the extra ram & bigger hard drive. (All this not including US sales tax). Straight off the Apple website. If you’ve got an education discount, you can knock about $100 or so off the final prices – and they’re currently running a promotion on RAM additions. How do I know all this? Had to price ’em for my boss, who is letting me get rid of my old Compaq DT and put in a 17″ iMac in its place. Yippee!!!!!

  6. “Nothing to say here, except I’m pushing for an eMac for our Residen’ts Association. 1GHz model, unless anyone can convince me the extra is worth it for the latest.” – Dave H

    I think you’ll make a better case after WWDC which is a few weeks away. Who knows what kind of updates/price cuts you’ll get by then.

  7. The emac has the best price/performance ratio in Apple’s product line.

    It speaks to how limited Apple’s product options are once you get out of the G5 range that Apple has to differentiate products by crippling them–such as no FW800 on the 20″ iMac or 12″ PowerBook, limiting the video memory of the emac, etc.

    Hell, the purpose of the iMac isn’t even to sell the computer portion of the thing–it is to sell the premium priced LCD bolted to the computer!

    Ah well, whatever…just killing time while installing A/UX…

  8. Thanks everyone. We could pick up the “last year’s model” eMac for about �100 less than the current one, but as I don’t really follow that model line, I want to make sure that things such as the display card problems are completely ironed out before we purchase. I’ve still got to convince a couple of the other Committee members, one of whom wanted a Dell until I pointed out my dealing with that company for clients in the past. The things going for the eMac at the moment are it’s all in one design, making it easier to carry between people’s apartments, the relative security of OSX compared to Windows, the large 17 inch screen, so that when the committee members aren’t using it, other resident’s can borrow it and it will accommodate even the eyesight of the elderly, and of course the software bundle. For �450, it would not be much more expensive than what we pay for a PC in the UK, and it comes with so much more out of the box.

    I’ll let you know how I get on after Thursday’s meeting.

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