Microsoft: we’ll sell music players that will ‘look and feel’ as good as Apple iPod for 80% less

“Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, will begin selling portable music players for as much as 80 percent less than Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod,” The Denver Post reports. “The Microsoft-branded devices will ‘look and feel’ as good as the iPod for as little as $50, said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of MSN at Microsoft Corp., at the Goldman Sachs fifth annual Internet Conference in Las Vegas. The iPod sells for $249 to $499.”

“Microsoft, based in Redmond, Wash., will release a number of music players when it launches its online music service later this year, giving customers more choices than Apple, Mehdi said,” The Denver Post reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: This from Microsoft, a company that thought Windows 95 had “caught up to the Mac” and currently thinks Windows XP “looks and feels” as good as Mac OS X. Microsoft, a company that’s working on Longhorn, trying to debut it in 2007, that’ll attempt to “be as good as or close enough” to Apple’s Mac OS X that debuted six years earlier in 2001. Thanks for the good laugh, Yusuf! FYI: We’re happy to have the most choices in online legit music, with iTunes Music Store’s 700,000+ online tracks available and growing, that work perfectly with the market-dominating, best-in-class devices, Apple’s iPod and iPod mini. Microsoft is going to offer more choices (as long as it’s Microsoft) how exactly?

When has one company copied so much so poorly and gotten so many suckers to pay them so handsomely for the privilege of suffering with second and third-rate knock-off products?

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  1. “When has one company copied so much so poorly and gotten so many suckers to pay them so handsomely for the privilege of suffering with second and third-rate knock-off products?”

    Answer: Never. Microsoft is the undisputed king.

  2. If Microsoft do sell at a massive loss, which they can afford do to, then it will be a huge, huge attempt to abuse their monopoly of the desktop. One would hope that this would not be allowed this time, though of course in the past, they got away with it.

    They might be able to do it for 80% of the iPod cost, but not 20% (and be profitable)

  3. m$ may hit the market too late. even windoze users want a good mp3 player after seeing our iPod, but (at least in our circles) they end up trying a 256 mb flash player, hating it, and buying a low priced rio or somesuch. One friend was even bragging recently that they could get tunes from walmart for $.88. I think I need new friends.

  4. That virus shouldn’t take long, Symantec is reporting the first virus for 64 bit windoze today. Affects any computer with 64 bit windoze, even if its running in emulation on a 32 bit machine.

  5. A Couple Of Points
    1) Microsoft has a cash reserve worth about 4x the market cap of Apple.
    2) With the X-Box, M$ has shown that they are willing to lose money to buy market share. Microsoft still loses money on every X-Box console they sell.
    3) Microsoft has long used the strategy of bleeding the profitability from a competitor. For Apple, the iPod is a major source of revenue- for Microsoft it is just another product line. Ask Corel, Netscape, AOL, Apple and soon-Google.
    4) Microsoft knows justice is not blind and elected officials are for sale, so don’t count on the US Government.
    5) As the Digital Music Player market becomes a commodity device the trick for Apple will be to move the price down without losing quality or performance. Does Apple want to own the market or just dominate the high-end?

  6. Microsoft is the King of Vaporware. Their users are stupid enough to believe this BS.
    Ummmm…maybe I shouldn’t buy that iPod…Microshit is coming out with the same thing…only it will be cheaper…..I hope Walmart has it in stock…..

  7. “2) With the X-Box, M$ has shown that they are willing to lose money to buy market share. Microsoft still loses money on every X-Box console they sell.”

    Well, that’s true for EVERY console. Sony, Nintendo, whoever, they sell consoles at a loss and profit off of licensing and game sales.

    If M$ does take this route of selling the player at a loss to profit at it’s music site, it would definitely have to use it’s control over it OS to effectively force it’s victims to buy from it’s service. Like they did with Explorer. That’d the only way it would make any money.

    If their plan works, it really might give Apple a run for it’s money. I hope that it not the case.

  8. yeah they’re taking the desktop wars to the mp3 players… but this time, it’s apple who’s way in the lead and microsoft is the underdog…. but like the desktop situation, apple has the better product…..

    i don’t think microsoft has the same clout in the music device market as it has in the software market. people want their music and their music players to be cool….. m$ is not cool at all.

    “hey, i got a microsoft TV/DVD player”, nah

    hell, people will probably eat up an Apple TV….

    Microsoft sucks at hardware…. stick to OS and office…. save face, Bill

  9. NoPCZone, just because m$ has huge amounts of cash, doesn’t mean they are gonna use it to subsidise a market which is worth next to nothing, anyway they need to save the money for when longhorn comes out, everyone knows its gonna have shit sales.
    the reason microsoft sells x-boxes at a loss is so they can make money from selling the games, which make large profits. You get next to no profit selling music online until you start selling it in large numbers, and nobody is gonna use m$ music store because it doesn’t work with the ipod.

  10. 1. Reverse engineer ipod, steal proprietary technology if necessary.
    2. Lose $249.00 minimum per device to gain market share
    3. Make it compatible with all current music formats so even ipod owners can switch over.
    4. After selling 10 million devices raise prices to current levels.
    5. Stretch out Apple’s lawsuit until 10 million devices are sold.
    6. Cave in to Apple and settle lawsuit cause we don’t care we have billions to spend.
    7. The Apple ipod is dead.

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