MSNBC Video for Windows, IE users only; no Mac support offered

MSNBC, a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC News, has updated their online Frequently Asked Questions section to reflect thier “no Mac users welcome” policy:

“MSNBC Video uses Windows Media Player 9 with improved digital media playback, instant-on/always-on streaming, and the industry


  1. The “real IT world” is moving very quickly to an all Microsoft based client-server environment. This is a wonderful development, the use of Microsoft servers and .NET will insure that the internet is controlled by a single entity. If you are on a different platform TOO BAD.

  2. This all started with WMP 9 and is nothing new. The next time Microsoft babbles on about their support for the Macintosh, remind them that their WMP does not even work with MSNBC’s web site. When they offer up some BS, remind them that they own 50% of MSNBC and control the online site and host it.

  3. Hey Sputnik, when that single monolithic internet controlled by a single entity is felled by viruses, worms, spam, spyware, popups, and trojans, sending everyone running off the network… Well, that must be Gates’ private nightmare…

    Hey Apple, maybe we should start working on a second (backup emergency) internet – where there is no Microsoft Windows, Exchange, or Outlook allowed ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Heimlick,

    The point isn’t whether or not we Mac users want to use the site or not, the point is that we have no choice. They are ghettozing Mac users here and it is not right. There is no reason to shut us out other than that they don’t care. It would be very easy to let Mac users see the video, but they can’t be bothered.

  5. You know, they probably will cite their stats for future excuses. They won’t make their video compatible with Mac OS X, so no Mac users will go there, so they will say, “Well we don’t support Mac users because they never come to our site.”

    To that I say, “See ya.” I don’t ever visit MSNBC.

  6. MSNBC is about as successful–NOT–as all of M$’ other attempts to venture beyond Windows and Office. Let them stay closed in their 3rd rate (and 3rd place) news slum.

  7. Sputnik is trying to convince us he’s an IT guy again. As I see it, the Internet (as well as corporate IT) is moving away from MS and more towards Linux, especially with servers. MS is relying on Longhorn vapourware to keep its customers close, but let’s face it, we’ve heard this “it’ll be fixed in the next version” crap too often before. MSNBC of course will use Windows Media, but it’s like supplying film clips in Quicktime. It means nothing.

  8. Err this should be an FCC matter! FCC should not be policing content (naught words etc) but should instead be focusing on keeping open and interoperable standards in place!

    Yes, read non-Microsoft!

    End WM period. Microsoft should be banned from creating WM of amy type as they have demonstrated reckless disregard for anything but monopolistic self interest.

  9. Here’s an e-mail I just sent to m$nbc:

    Dear m$nbc,

    I am boycotting your website and all NBC news-related media. I don’t believe you when your website states, “MSNBC video is unable to support the Macintosh or other operation systems.” You are able to support it. You are only unwilling to support it. I know both window$ media format and Apple’s QuickTime format. Streaming in QuickTime is far superior in terms of video and sound quality compared to window$ media. That is a fact.

    Nielsen/NetRatings has found that those who surf the Web using a Mac tend to be better educated and make more money than their PC-using counterparts, tend to be more Web savvy, with more than half having been online for at least five years, and are more likely to buy goods online.

    I will never buy anything associated with micro$oft or NBC news. In addition, when it comes to my attention that an advertiser has paid for a banner on your m$nbc website, I will also ban all products associated with that company.

    NBC news: you are doing a disservice to the public by teaming up with a monopolist, whose technology is filled with security holes and defines “innovation” as imitating its competitors or buying them out.

    Until the Mac community is supported, I will simply to go cnn, cbs news, or other sources of news.

    I appreciate your attention.

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