Apple iPod posters spoofed with Iraqi prisoner-abuse scandal theme appear in New York City

“A spoof of Apple Computer’s fluorescent iPod posters commenting on the recent Iraqi prisoner-abuse scandal started cropping up around New York last week. The posters aesthetically mimic the colorful iPod ads but promote ‘iRaq’ with a silhouette of the memorable hooded prisoner hooked up to electric wires. The tagline reads, ‘10,000 volts in your pocket, guilty or innocent,'” MTV reports.

Full article here.

Poster images here.


  1. Hmm… don’t know if that’s gonna actually help Apple, or not – I mean, it does require people to know Apple’s Ads to recognize what they’re doing. Then again, it also depicts Apple as somehow being tied in with the Iraqi prison abuse…

  2. Oh Yes This Is Exactly What We Needed… Not
    Damn it.

    I hope that Apple sues everybody including that Bush and that Gates for this.
    Apple has nothing to do with the scandal in the Iraq.
    It is Bush/Halliburton/Gates/Microsoft kind of shit.

  3. I don’t think it’ll hurt Apple really.

    But, what they should have done is show a hooded iraq fucker beheading an unarmed American…

    That’s the Iraq most people know ….

  4. Big deal, it is a poster. I don’t see what the big deal is anyway. Those prisoners are not innocent, they are there for a reason. When did the US become so afarid of its own shadow.

  5. Anybody try the new Guacamole flavored Doritos? I’m tempted to get a bag from the vending machine here, but then I hesitate. We’ve been taught since we were kids to avoid green Doritos, so it’s like a survival reflex, ya know? Sometimes they can live in my couch for two, three years maybe, without even a hint of green forming on them. I don’t know. I like guacamole though.

  6. err, I think it was the Red Cross that figured between p-� of the prisoners were innocent bystanders that had been rounded up off the streets.

    but yes, Skully is right… they are there for a reason, because America decided to attack their country because of wmd’s.

  7. Typical of liberals and simpletons to take the side of Iraqi prisoners over U.S. troops. We all know that Saddam and his cronies were saints and never abused anybody right??? As for certain bashers from outside of America are concerned (and you know who you are), you can shut the hell up until 2,500+ of your innocent citizens get murdered in one morning. You have absolutely no clue and it shows with your idiotic comments…

  8. If you wanted to see *real* prisoner abuse, you should have stopped by the Abu Ghraib prison back a couple of years ago when Saddam’s buddies were running it. Now *that* was some real abuse. But at that time it didn’t suit the political purposes of the Bush bashers to cry about it then. Talk about your total hypocrites…

  9. Thank you JT. Yes its bad that the abuse happened but its nothing compared to what Saddam did to his prisoners. The worst thing that was hurt was those guys pride. The involved soldiers should be court-martialed and jailed for abuse. Things will start to settle down in the coming months.

  10. When the liberal media decided it needed additional firepower against Bush. This isn’t news. No one was tortured, they were simply embare-assed. You want to start promoting real stories why don’t we look at our own brave men and women who are currently over in Iraq doing what we at home are not. They are the real heroes. They are whom the news stories should be about. In case you all the mamby pamby little hippie tree huggers out there have not noticed I will let them in on a little secret…We are at war. People are not nice in a war. We don’t hold hands with the enemy and wipe there bottoms after they go number two. It is unfortunate that some low life National Guardsmen had to go and make the Armed Forces look like it abused prisoners, but I don’t think they should apologize for their actions. They are at war with the very same enemy, and although it doesn’t excuse their actions it does give reasons for them.

    If you want a real news story lets talk about the Pat Tillman�s of the War on Terror and not get all bent out of shape when some National Guardsmen are sick enough to get their rocks off by taking pictures of some nude Prisoners. HELL, SADDAM DID MUCH WORSE. AND IT WAS TO HIS PEOPLE!

    Oh, and to the liberal media out there…quit trying to turn our country into a bunch of pussies lacking testicular fortitude!

  11. I wonder if Nick Berg had a choice would he choose to be beheaded or to be forced to put on a pair of woman’s underpants and paraded around. There were other torures committed by our military, but, given a choice, Nick would pick any one of them and then be released to go home to his family. Very few involved are innocent, including our military and those prisoners.

  12. RJS, your comment was just plan stupid. Of course I know “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”, but you try telling the enemy that when he has a gun and you have The Consitution, who do you think is going to walk away from that debate. We are at WAR people. And we will not win this war if people keep thinking our laws can work outside US borders.

  13. Okay, I bought a bag. I figured 55 cents, what the hell, right? Anyway, tore open the bag and nope– this bag, it don’t smell like no guacamole! More like feet dipped in guacamole. The chips themselves taste better though. Nothing I’d hunt down late at night at a 7-Eleven, but I’m not afraid anymore to pump some coinage into that there vending machine. That’s right, vending machine!! I AIN’T AFRAID OF YOU NO MO!! Tomorrow I will head to the break room and try out a bag of the Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips, so I will post a review then. Viva la break room!!

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