Napster beats Apple iTunes Music Store to Europe with UK launch

“Digital download service Napster scored a major victory over archrival iTunes by launching in Britain on Thursday, the first of the high-flying Internet music stores to make their European debut,” Reuters reports. “In a move that surprised many in the industry, Napster announced that as of Thursday the music download and song-streaming service would be live to users in Britain only. It kept the launch date a tight secret, previously saying only it would make its UK arrival by the end of summer.”

Reuters reports, “Officials from Apple Computer, which runs the wildly popular iTunes service in the United States, declined to elaborate on their European launch plans, saying only it will be by the end of the year. Cracking the European market before iTunes is considered crucial for Napster. Apple beat Napster by six months in the United States last year and has established a commanding lead in the small but growing digital music industry.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Expect Apple’s iTMS for the UK sooner rather than later.


  1. It is Napster for UK, not Napster for Europe. I am sure that brings glee to the hearts of our British cousins, but it is hardly bringing an online music store to Europe. This first ripple in the industry is hardly the major splash Apple is working on.

    Apple’s major delay was in coordinating all of the VARIOUS COUNTRIES legal agreements, rights and music companies. I am very sure when it it released, the iTunes Music Store pages and navigation will be as stunning and feature-packed as the USA one… WITHOUT the need for a subscription.

    Being first off of the starting block doesn’t mean they’ll win the race.

  2. Apple didn’t ‘beat’ Napster – Apple ‘started’ the online music download service (with owning the music)

    Apple gave Napster the idea in the first place…

  3. �1.09 per track. That’s around $2. Hahahahahahhaahahahaah. Anyone who pays that its nuts. It should be absolutely no more than 80p including taxes and a rip-off-Britain margin for the record companies.

    And the UK is not the same as England, and it IS part of the Europe. In fact, it might be illegal for Napster to stop a French user buying from the UK Napster site.

  4. A tenner a month to rent music from Napster? Don’t everybody rush now!

    Despite Paul Thur-idiot’s baffling assertions to the contrary, subscriptions are NOT the future of the download market.

  5. Subscriptions are the future because I said so and everything I say is right, I will rule the world one day believe me. People think I am big headed and an arse but they are all wrong. When will people realise that I am always right and they are always wrong. It’s just like the boys who picked on me in school, I’ll get them because I’m right, always right and never, ever wrong. Ever.

  6. Now Apple has to hurry!

    Two things to do:
    1. Bring the iPod mini to Europe ASAP (i.e. don’t wait until July) – every new ipod user is lost for Napster and will wait for iTMS Europe patiently.
    2. Stop this stupid iTunes-download policy and distribute iTunes on those PC-magazine-CDs. Once you start using iTunes, you will want to buy an iPod. But iTunes must be easily accessible.

  7. Right on Dave H!
    If there was such a thing as a �uropean passport, I’d be the first in line. Religious nutheads and petty patriots have been cause of all the wars and misery in Europe.

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