LavaPad USB-powered multicolor illuminated mouse pad debuts

The FX Game Pad (more aptly referred to as LavaPad in TikiMac circles) has a built-in multicolor LED light system that allows the user to select any one of 7 color combinations or a special color-cycling mode, through a tiny push button located on the pad itself. Power is supplied via a built-in 6 ft. USB cord, so you don’t have to add yet another A/C adapter to your power-strip’s cord collection.

– 7-color options in a single mouse pad
– Optional “automatic cycle” mode rotates through each color
– Low power consumption LED lights
– Night time illumination


  1. LiM. if the keyboard housing were built of materials with the right optical properties then you cound easily light it with a few LED’s. It is only held on by a few screws, so design a simple replacement housing and use a USB adapter to pull a few tens of mA from the keyboard cable. Should be easy.

  2. Just looked at the underside of my keyboard and it’s full of dust, crumbs, hairs… etc. Wouldn’t have known it if not for the transparent cover. Nice… the top is not without the odd food/snot/drool stain either. Wonder if I should take it apart and clean it…. Rather than a lit keyboard, I’d rather have an opening flap to remove the debris much like some toasters do. And on that vein, rather than a lit mousepad, I’d rather have a mousepad with a dozen peel-offs like race-car driver helmets have. You could go on from there to the ridiculous.

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