Group of America’s largest corporations complain about software vulnerabilities, security expenses

“Chief executives from some of the largest U.S. companies are criticizing the technology industry in a lobbying campaign, accusing them of selling software vulnerable to hackers and too difficult for consumers to use safely,” Associated Press reports.

“The complaints by the Business Roundtable, a trade group for executives of 150 of America’s largest corporations, reflect exasperation by companies over the expense and hassle of keeping their computer networks safe for consumers. The group cites estimates from the nation’s banks and savings institutions that attacks by viruses and worms cost that industry more than $1 billion a year,’ Associated Press reports.

“In its campaign starting Wednesday, the Business Roundtable urges technology companies to improve software design, make software products easier to manage and continue to offer support for products after updated versions are on the market. The group also acknowledges that executives and corporate directors should be involved in making companies’ networks more secure,” Associated Press reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Nowhere in the article is the name “Microsoft” mentioned. Not once. Why not? Follow the money, it leads to the truth everytime.


  1. Microsoft should definitely be the number one company that the finger should be pointed at in this case. They continue to release system software that is buggy and insecure. Apple is not perfect but it’s 99% better than Microsoft when it comes to security.

  2. I found this article to be laughable. A bunch of execs sitting around complaining about the tech industry when they basically use one company that produces 99% of their vulnerabilities. If the suits would do their homework in the first place, they wouldn’t have gotten themselves locked into such a terrible “solution.” And they complain that using Apple locks them in. As my 2 year old would say, “What a joke!”

  3. What was the line line in that old Apple commercial? The one where they guy had a presentation to do in front of a group and his Windows box crashed. Then everyone was telling him all these ways to fix it. DOS commands and such. Then as it’s fading out at the end someone says…

    “Get a Macintosh!”

  4. it would really help if Apple actually took the time to advertise the mac and osX show the corporate yahoos things like keynote transitions…security features…unix stability..etc..

  5. These high powered execs would NEVER put all their personal assets into one stock. They would NEVER create a marketing or distribution plan that relied upon one supplier – but when it comes to data and computers, they go brain dead and place all their bets on software that is proven to be faulty.

    The new ease of networking found in Panther allows Macs to be easily integrated into existing offices… and it just takes one Mac in an office to be the Trojan Horse.

    Mac should tag onto that somehow… give away some Macs to some big firms – and when the viruses kill the Windows machines and the Mac is the only thing working – call the client to say, “How’s things?”

  6. Glick 7, that’s a great plan. Lots of Apple tech folks calling corporate offices that are almost totally down will be a great reminder, especially if the call goes to the ceo whose pc is down with a virus. He’s less likely to have windoze prejudice, but will be very interested to know what computers are still up. Perhaps the freeby to the ceo so he has to leave the office to find out why no one responds while he keeps working.

  7. PaperClip, OH NO WE’RE UP TO TWO VULNERABILITIES, NEITHER OF WHICH HAVE BEEN EXPLOITED!!! HELP!! WHAT ARE WE TO DO??!!??!! Funny, I don’t use p2p software and I’m not interested in testing the new m$ word (I already know how to type!), so I’m not susceptible to either of the trojans. I 5 minutes my browser defaults (yes, it includes m$ browser too) were changed so I’m not vulnerable to the “vulnerability.” Besides, no one has exploited that vulnerability maliciously yet anyway! Apple’s software isn’t as bad or worse than the garbage put out by m$. Know what you’re talking about before you start your trolling.

  8. Hey kenh,

    Just guessing what PaperClip (that pi$$ poor refuse fromOffice perhaps?) meant, but here goes.

    Apple software is far worse than MS. When a virus worm, or exploit is released for Windows, (on a very frequent basis I might add) THEY JUST WORK. They propagate, mutate, and spread like wild fire. Just like they are supposed to. They go about their jobs of shutting down the Navy, hospitals and etc without any problems.

    Contrast that and compare to the Mac experience. Some poor hard working programmer found a vulnerability in the Mac OS. He worked his butt off trying to make the exploit work, and what does he have to show for it? Almost NOTHING!! A single wiped out home directory… Big Whoop. The MAC OS is so lame it can’t even pass along a simple little virus like its suppossed to. MACS suck cause they require a password in most instances to get to the good stuff. They don’t even come with open ports…. For crying out loud, without open ports you can’t even get on the internet, just ask the helpful CompUSA professionals. You know, its a small wonder why the MAC software development community (virus writers in particular) are abandoning the platform. Come on MAC, wheres your famous plug and play it just works drum beaters now? LUZZERS

    : ) Whilr I canm’t really speak on behalf of PaperClip, I’ll bet a milkshake thats what he was thinking.

  9. The problem is those CEOs hire CIOs that try to grow their IT fiefdoms instead of being a true service to the employees of the company. Instead of being such crybabies, why doesn’t one of them just fire a CIO to show that being a lemming doesn’t get rewarded?

    The company I work decided to go all PCs two years ago on the basis of a “PowerPoint-style” cost recommendation from the IT department. We are now moving to Outlook! But they let those who had Macs (about 200 of us) keep them (just won’t let us buy any new ones). Guess who were the only people productively working (allowed on the network) during the week when Sasser hit (same story for all the other viruses this past year). IT was busy working on the unproductive task of cleaning systems, but lost productivity by IT and all the PC users just doesn’t get measured…

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