Tech writer: ‘Mac OS X is even with, or behind, Windows XP’

“Given Apple’s never-ending marketshare losses, [slowing down new Mac OS X releases] is probably a bad idea. OS X is even with, or behind, Windows XP in many areas, but you have to start thinking about the next generation. With Microsoft getting ready to ship Longhorn in two years, now is the time that Apple should be churning out the upgrades and getting a lead on XP for a change. You know, maybe actually innovate for a change and make the OS as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at,” Paul Thurrott writes for Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus.

“One (unrealistic) thing I’d like to see Apple do is stop charging its loyal customers for every single minor OS X upgrade. For three of the last four years, OS X customers have had to pay dearly for Apple’s development process, at a rate of $130 a pop. That’s unfair to customers, but it’s also the only way Apple can afford to keep developing OS X, so it’s sort of a Catch-22. Meanwhile, Microsoft, with its mountains of cash and steady corporate licensing fees, has been improving XP over the years, and not charging customers for the privilege (or charging them very little, such as the $20 fee one would pay for Plus! Digital Media Edition). Apple doesn’t benefit from Microsoft’s economics, but I find it odd that the company would soak its most loyal customers so readily: Only the true diehards have been using and upgrading OS X every year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The comedy stylings of Paul Thurrott keep on coming, even as they grow less dependent upon reality with each installment. We don’t think that even Steve Ballmer believes Mac OS X is behind Windows XP or he wouldn’t be trying so hard to copy it and taking so long to do so. Thurrott is one man alone on his own bizarro island. The never-ending and oft-extended wait for Longhorn is obviously driving him delusional.

If Longhorn keeps on slipping, Microsoft will have to change their address to 1 Infinite Wait.


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  1. MAN….Thurroughlyrotten has really outdone himself this time! I didn’t think even he could stray THAT far from reality! Please don’t visit his site. He’s obviously desperate for hits this week.

  2. [I]Meanwhile, Microsoft, with its mountains of cash and steady corporate licensing fees, has been improving XP over the years[/I]

    He means they have been patching security flaws. Even MS admitted that they will never patch ALL the security flaws in XP since it was never meant for networking in the first place. What a complete and absolute moron.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Thurrott is really the former Iraqi Information Minister in exile.

    “Windows bugs? There are none! Those who say they exist will burn in hell!”

    “Mr. Gates is a courageous man and he is not afraid of any worms or viruses, and neither should you be!”

    “Our superior XP security system has the hackers on the run… we have them surrounded and will soon roast them over a fire!”

  4. If you put “Thurrott” instead of “tech writer” in the title a lot of people would have been spared the bother of reading it. He’s in a class by himself. Enderle and Charles Cooper at least are trying to maintain some objectivity for a mainstream IT crowd. His website “Paul Thurrott’s Thanks to Microsoft I Drive a Lexus” is purely a site devoted to attacks on the competitors of his MS benefactors – he ineptly tries to disguise this by occassional positive comments about Apple, which he then completely contradicts in subsequent postings. Somebody really out to whip up a cool web site satirizing this clown.

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