Dell Digital Jukebox to sync with desktop Linux, Apple declined offer to support iPod

Lindows, Inc. announced today the commercial support of the Dell Digital Jukebox (Dell DJ), a portable MP3 music player for desktop Linux. MP3 players are tapping into the expanding Linux desktop market by offering Linux music fans simplicity, portability, flexibility and value for a personalized music experience.

Dell DJ support is available for Linux through the Lsongs music player and offers users an easy way to manage their music portfolio. By engineering the hardware and software to work seamlessly every step of the way, Dell DJ users can easily update their music library’s content and playlists.

To use Lsongs and Dell DJ together for music management and playback, users simply install Lsongs with one click from the Linspire software Warehouse ( using CNR technology. Once plugged into the USB port of a Linspire computer, Lsongs automatically recognizes the Dell DJ without any user configuration required. The Dell DJ will appear in the Lsongs interface ready to synchronize music from a user’s music library with a single menu command. This easy sync mechanism, allows users to quickly transfer music to their Dell DJ, or if they prefer, can elect to use the “drag and drop” function to add and delete songs.

“We talked with Apple Computer about supporting the iPod but they want to keep that a closed system,” said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of Lindows, Inc in the press release. “Linux users should seriously consider the Dell DJ if they’re looking for an affordable MP3 Player.”

The Dell DJ is a solid value with its sleek design, long battery life, large storage capacity, and easy-to-use controls. Starting at $199, the 7.61 ounce Dell DJ can pack thousands of songs and comes with a choice of 15GB or 20GB capacities, and a rechargeable battery providing up to 16 hours of continuous music playback. The Dell DJ also features a 2-inch backlit LCD display, a front-mounted scroll barrel for one-handed operation and a digital voice recorder.

At [url=][/url] visitors can view screenshots, review a complete feature list, obtain Lsongs, and find a Dell DJ to purchase. Lsongs brings simplicity to creating, managing and enjoying digital music. Software features include the importing and converting of an unlimited number of songs, organizing an entire music collection with easy-to-use commands, listening to MP3s, audio CDs, or hundreds of streaming Internet radio stations, and creating custom music CDs of your favorite songs.


  1. Any chance Apple will release iTunes for Linux? If they can do it for Windows, why not Linux? Are there just too many variations to make supporting it worthwhile?

  2. I think I’d heard somewhere that Apple is going t be releasing a Quicktime for Linux. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I saw it. Probably just a prelude to iTunes for it. Since they’re so involved in Open Source anyway, I can’t see them ignoring Linux for much longer.

  3. Not a big deal really… Rhythmbox for Linux is currently working on sync support with iPod for both MP3 and AAC (non-DRM). I use Rhythmbox myself on my Linux box and it’s quite an awesome application for being only a betaware currently.

  4. Lindows wanted Apple to simply release iTunes for Linux, but when Apple said no, they created Lsongs, and when Apple also said no to working with them on supporting the iPod, they went to Dell.

    Winners: Lindows, Linux, Lsongs, Dell
    Losers: Apple

    Sometimes Apple’s tight hold on their propriatary world just forces people to compete against them.


  5. …problem is with trying to patent an interface like that, it exists so many other places. Though that looks like iTunes, it also bears a functional resemblance to the Winamp3 Music Database browser.

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