Apple redesigns .Mac with persistent navigation links, new features

In an email sent to .Mac memebers today, Apple has announced changes and improvements to their .Mac service:

One of the .Mac team’s primary objectives is convenient and truly useful access to your personal data and correspondence when you’re away from your own computer. We’re pleased to announce that a new set of persistent navigation links at the top of the .Mac page means all you have to remember now is “” From there you have one-click access to your .Mac Mail, Address Book and Bookmarks, and not just for viewing. You can add, edit and delete information as well and use iSync to keep things up-to-date everywhere.

The new links remain at the top as you move through all of’s pages and include a link directly to iCards. iCards now features integration with your .Mac Address Book, including direct access to the same Quick Addresses list .Mac Mail provides, so it’s a snap to send iCards to friends whenever the mood strikes. In addition, there’s new iCard site navigation that makes it easy to go directly to the category you want or to browse though the all the possibilities at once


  1. I didn’t renew my account.

    No Spanish language support – no pay.

    For what was on offer I found the price to high. The templates seemed fixed in time. They never ever changed and there were no tools for changing them. The filesharing one were ugly beyond words.

  2. I’m not experiencing any login problems, either. Works pretty freakin’ well. And I’m more than happy to renew my account. It’s the best $8 a month a Mac user can spend — especially those of us with multiple Macs.

  3. I found the double-login issue annoying, but this update seems to have fixed it. I use almost all of the .mac features and find the new headers to be great for speeding through tasks. I likey.

  4. I agree — .mac is awesome if you have more than one mac. My Safari bookmarks are always kept in sync with one another. Plus my Address Book is always in sync. And with the IMAP e-mail server behind .mac, and Mail’s great caching support, both my macs have the same e-mail on them. It’s amazing. Plus, I sync my Address Book to my work Exchange server’s Personal Contacts list, and to my Palm Tungsten, and soon to a Bluetooth cell phone I’m eyeing, and everything is super. Heck, Apple integrating .mac’s Address Book with iCards is icing on the cake. And knowing Apple, there is more to come.

    Also, the new Norton Parental Controls software that comes with .mac looks pretty slick.

    And no, I don’t work for Apple. And I’ll admit that there are things about Windows I like better than OS X, and vice-versa. This being said, the Mac is doing better at “pulling my life together” — and I didn’t even get into iLife and all that it has to offer — including it’s integration with .mac (publishing web pages full of photos, for example).

    Pulling all this off on Windows would require an IS support staff!

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