Apple creates new division for iPod to be led by Jon Rubenstein

“Apple Computer has created a new division within the maker of the Macintosh computer to sell its popular iPod, the market leading digital music player, the company said Wednesday,” Reuters reports. “Jon Rubenstein, who has led the Cupertino, Calif.-based company’s hardware engineering efforts, will run the new division, an Apple spokesman said.”

“Timothy Cook, head of Apple’s worldwide sales and operations, will lead a newly organized Macintosh division, Apple said. Tim Bucher, now in charge of Macintosh system development, will head up the Mac’s hardware engineering,” Reuters reports. “The moves were announced in a company-wide internal e-mail sent by Apple CEO Steve Jobs and first reported by the New York Times on Wednesday. ‘This organizational refinement will focus our talent and resources even more precisely on our industry-leading Macintosh computers and the wildly successful iPod,’ the spokesman said.”

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  1. My three biffs for Apple’s iPod:

    Low battery life (8 hrs?) & non-replaceable battery.

    Price too high. (maybe when HP comes into play, this will change I hope…)

    and finally… we need a real cool wireless remote. Something near-wafer slim w/ a wheel and display like the iPod. That way, the wire quagmire (power cord and line in) on my entertainment system won’t have to trail all the way to where I am at in the room. Also, I realize there are options like wireless remotes and such, but one with a display that mirrors the one on the iPod would allow us to better navigate through tunes & etc. If they added this as an option @ around a bill or less ($69), I’d be very happy. I’m fine w/ what I’ve got, tho (20 gig 3rd gen.)

  2. Could not agree with ya more, MC. The Mac folk need to get focused, however, I do believe that there will be plenty of opportunities for collaboration. As it should be.

  3. “Maybe we will see more from the mac side of things now that the iPod will be handled by a separate division.”

    That would be nice, but I think it’s mostly up to IBM to deliver on the goods for Apple to show us more Mac side things.

  4. I am here trying to use the iPod Mini as a remote, and someone needs a remote for iPod Mini? I just wish they would add a bluetooth module internally to that so that I can use it as a remote control for doing my keynote based presentations.

  5. Being positive, I hope this implies that there are many more handheld-sized products coming from the iPod division.

    Remember when everyone was clammering for the next cool secret Apple thing? Remember the PDA and the digital camera! Now all we hear is when will Apple increase Mac market share. Times (or really people) sure do change!

  6. IT guy,

    That is a great idea. If they add a bluetooth module, may be they can stream tune to blue tooth enabled car audio system too (no more wires. Just keep your iPod in your pocket).

  7. And as they were doing this, Napster slips into the UK. I know Apple is trying to get to all of Europe at once. Of course not that napster has ever been any competition.

  8. Doesn’t matter that they are two divisions… (I think its a good thing)

    Both are currently being held hostage in a parts availability crisis by third party vendors.

    Hitachi is building a plant and hiring 4000 more workers to kick mini HD production into overdrive, but in the meantime, I hope the buzz and excitment over the minipod doesn’t fizzle out.

    Of course on the IBM side, They are starting to get their yeild problems under control (according to rumors and innuendo on the web)

    Anyway, no news on the Mac hardware front will not vanish overnight just because the iPod has its own division.

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