Sony looks beyond Microsoft Windows for future Vaio devices’ operating systems

“Unveiling Sony Corp.’s new computer product lineup here this week, Keiji Kimura, president of Sony’s IT & Mobile Solutions Network Co., defined a new strategy for Sony’s computer business as ‘Vaio beyond PC.’ Kimura said Sony is evolving its Vaio-branded computer platform into a number of networked audio and video products. Significantly, Vaio operating systems will no longer be limited to Microsoft Corp.’s Windows XP,” Junko Yoshida reports for EE Times.

“Vaio Pocket, Sony’s new portable audio player will use Sony’s proprietary operating system. The same is apparently true of the video version of a prototype pocket device Sony demonstrated here,” Yoshida reports. “Kiumra said Sony has no plans to switch its Vaio platform from Windows XP to Linux any time soon. But he added that Linux is a candidate for a number of small but powerful Vaio-based devices.”

“Kimura said Sony will stick with Windows XP for the time being because it is a strong platform with the largest installed base. But for anything that goes ‘beyond PC,’ Sony doesn’t see Microsoft helping Sony differentiate its Vaio products from consumer devices. ‘Other than XP,’ said Kimura, “Microsoft has failed in its every attempt, including Windows CE and .NET initiatives” to extend the Windows platform into the consumer market. ‘We don’t see any of those new initiatives [becoming] a major success,'” Yoshida reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Boy, wouldn’t Apple’s Mac OS X help Sony differentiate Vaio personal computers from the rest of the Wintel dreck?


  1. “Boy, wouldn’t Apple’s Mac OS X help Sony differentiate Vaio personal computers from the rest of the Wintel dreck?” – MDN

    Well, Vaio’s are probably floating at the top of the Wintel cesspool, but they’re still just knock-offs of Macs – clearly. I have no interest in seeing the Mac OS installed in second-rate clones again.

  2. MDN, I can’t imagine Apple would ever agree to let Sony use OS X. But it cetainly IS helpful to have a major consumer electronics firm reject M$’ effort to extend its (near) monopoly beyond the PC.

  3. Sony seems to have forgotten the lesson of VHS/Beta. The “average” mass consumer will take lower performance & quality over slightly higher price and much greater quality. That is the same problem Apple finds itself in with Windows and Mac today. Most “average” users see Windows XP as good enough and will not pay much more for a platform they see as very similar in performance and power. Apple needs to market OS X as hard as they are pushing iTunes. Not a “switch” campaign- hardcore Mac OS X advertising.

  4. I agree with David…an OS is very hard to show in 15-30 seconds and you can’t do several as an ad has to run over and over and over before people know and get it.
    Has anyone every really seen an ad for an OS?
    No, I didn’t think so.
    Besides, people don’t care about the OS. Show them what they can do with iLife and they will react the same way as they have to iPod and buy eMacs.

  5. And who knows…When Sony realizes their “digital lifestyle” strategy/technology is their latest betamax, you might just find “iLife Inside” stickers plastered on Sony devices in 2006.
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  6. Picture this:

    Ad 1: Son of a Well known Musician using GarageBand on iBook G4 then uploading song to iPod. Plugs firewire Camcorder in iBook. Hands iBook to dad ask if he could work on music video for him. Later, takes iPod to college and records lecture. Carema switches to “dad” in studio transfering movie to G5 using the network browser. Son meets dad at studio, dad hit’s play button on Final Cut, video starts playing on 23″ Cinema Display in HD res. Dad say to son, “Real Sweet!” rubbing son’s head. Fade out, to Apple logo.

  7. duh..

    Xbox vs. Playstation..

    hello.. these two companies are imagining two very similar futures..

    it’s got nothing to do with Mac OS X running on another hardware makers machines..something Jobs didn’t like when it happened a few years ago.

    MDN shut up.

    Besides.. you’ve abandoned the ‘whole widget’ stance by saying .. GEE SONY SHOULD RUN OS X… pfft

  8. “My brother has a Vaio laptop & its not bad apart from the OS.”

    Dude, that’s like saying “I have a television that’s not bad apart from the screen.”

  9. EON, dat would be a great commercial I wish we could all tell Jobs about pushing iLife more and more hardware commercials. Remember this, there is no way u can show an OS in 30-60sec. not just possible but Apple has soo much other great things they could show off to the rest of the blind world. If they start marketing the other great products we’ll see more switchers.

  10. Kermit – Marketing of the Mac just doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should, so there’s evidence that Apple are failing in that department. People are coming up with some pretty good ideas here, and if Apple were to try some of them, they might start getting more people interested.

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