Columbia professor: ‘Apple literally owns the letter ‘i’ due to consistent marketing’

“Little letter ‘i’ is king of marketing among the alphabet. As in iPod, iTunes, iBook. Nothing is a bigger-selling letter right now, though there have been other stalwarts. e: eBay, e-ticket, e-mail. X: Gen-X, X-Men, X-Files, Xtreme Games. Z (and z): Jay-Z, Dragonball Z, Just for Kidz.” Marlon Manuel writes for Cox News Service. “Recently Apple announced that for the first time it sold more iPods


  1. I would like to congratulate everyone on their forebearance – no stupid idiot has jumped in claiming “first post.”

    That being said, I have nothing salient to add to this mildly amusing article.

  2. Unka Fester – You should be congratulated for your resolve to keep these forums reserved for their original purpose.

    Don’t ever edge me out again for the number 1 spot, OK?

  3. > That being said, I have nothing salient to add
    > be congratulated for your resolve to keep these forums

    Stop it guys, you’re killing me!

    Did I get a podium finish?

  4. And, don’t forget iDrive, the computer system that runs the new BMW 5, 6 and 7 series cars. It is powered by Microsoft Windows CE. Oops……… Nevermind.

  5. I think – in all cases – the original ‘i’ stood for ‘interim’. When Jobs returned to rescue Apple he liked to be acknowledged as ‘iCEO’ – as, at that stage, it was by no means certain that he would stay and the letter very much meant ‘interim’. Considering the mess Apple was in and that Ives has stated his original design for the all-in-one consumed Mac had been on the shelf for some time before Jobs took over, it wouldn’t be completely inconceivable that the little bondi ‘interimMac’ was rushed out to buy Jobs some time to knock the company into shape. I suspect the iMac was intended as a temporary stop-gap product… until it became wildly succesful.

  6. The iDrive is in no way shape or form associated with winblows!! BMW is about innovation, they created the iDrive interface with their own programmers. God forbid it was made with anything from Microsoft then we would have BMW’s dying from virii. No please never insult an innovator(BMW) like Apple like that again. U would give the BMW faithful heart attacks.

  7. MDN, you misinterpret the author of the article. He states that the *signature* Mac computer is the iMac, *not* that all Macs are called iMacs. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Apple’s signature computer since 1998 has been the iMac.

  8. Simple1,

    You are wrong. The iDrive is based on Windows (CE). The first year it was out, the car would literally be driving down the freeway and the egine would stop. Dead. And the CD player would spit CDs at the passenger. Literally!

    This was reported by the San Jose Mercury News (a very reputable paper, I know some of the reporters and photographers who work there) under the headline “BMW Introduced BSOD to the Automotive World.” One of the best headlines written ever!

    And the story told how BMW was buying back the cars at a very high rate.

    My BMW owning friends confirmed this is true, but they also pointed out that after the first year, iDrive has settled down. it’s still a mess to operate, but it’s reliable and doesn’t fail now. Which is good for BMW’s reputation.

    Don’t be blind. It’s a fact.

  9. I am pretty sure simple1 is lying in a pool of his own blood, razor at his side, wondering how this could be as unconciousness looms……….

    poor simpleton

  10. Check out the above reference:

    “When we heard about BMW�s telematics vision, we knew the exceptional quality in Microsoft technology would fit hand-in-hand,” said Bob McKenzie, general manager of Microsoft�s Automotive Business Unit. “The iDrive concept is a unique one, and we�re proud to power the graphical user interface in the Control Display.”

    Ahem, “exceptional quality in Microsoft Technology…” The guy should be jailed for fraud!!!!! That or stupidity.

    But that being the case, all Windows CE does is control the graphical user Interface. Not the actual iDrive itself inner workings. That’s a relief to all of us who have to share the road with BMWs (and in So. Cal, that’s a lot of potential problems nearby!

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